Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Baby is Four.

My *baby* is turning four years old today.

I've always referred to her as my miracle baby because I truly don't know how she was conceived.  The timing was not right....I was nursing a 8 week old baby and after two years of temp taking and such...I know when conception should occur.

Back then I was praying that God would let me have two children before I got too old.  I'm guessing he had some miracles to perform since I was speeding toward early menopause.  I thank God every day for answering my prayers.

I believe that he also sent her here to heal me.  To allow me to be the mother that I didn't have.  Loving this girl is a blessing I didn't know I was going to need.

She's the best medicine.

She's got amazing blue-grey eyes that change color with her mood, a messy mop of blonde hair and skinny little legs that carry her far when she's running from her brother.

She gives the most amazing hugs.

She loves Julia Child and learning to cook. Going to the library and crafting are two of her her favorite things to do.  She likes to get her finger nails painted and my lap in our favorite chair is still her best hang out.  Did I tell you that she loves blue cheese?

Happy Birthday to my Big Girl!


  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!! She is amazing and I wish we could celebrate with her.

    I hope you have an awesome birthday, M!

  2. Happy Birthday Mallory! What a perfect little miracle! I love the pic of you two cooking... adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday to your miracle Mallory!
    What a little sweetie.

  4. Happy Bday!!!

    Hope you have a GREAT day!!

    (ps Connie do you have a new email?) :)

  5. @ Rachel My email is...connie (AT)

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl! I love that last picture of you two in your element! Wonderful post. Have a great day.

  7. Happy birthday little lady! You've got your mom's moxie and personality. Looking forward to see what else you come up with this year...

  8. I had to laugh at the picture of her using scissors with the tongue out... I used to stick my tongue out when I would concentrate really hard too :)

    What a sweet post... what a beautiful little angel you have!

    Happy Birthday to your baby

  9. Happy birthday Miss M!

    Daughters are very special. It is like they give us a chance to grow up again.

  10. Connie, this is a beautiful post and you have a beautiful girl.
    God had certainly blessed you!! Happy Birthday lil one.

  11. My Mom calls me her gift. I am 7, 10.5 and 12 years younger than my siblings. She said I was just what she needed when she needed it...God is so smart!

    Happy birthday Sweet Mallory!

  12. She is so special. I hope she has the best birthday. :)

  13. Awww! Happy Birthday to little Miss M!!! She just gets cuter every day!

  14. Connie, that is a beautiful little girl and a great story! Happy Birthday to her!!

  15. This made me tear up a bit. What a great story. She's such a little beauty.

    Happy Birthday to your big girl!

  16. I'm a day late sweetie but I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday (momma can explain what "belated" means if you don't know)!!! I am off to read about your big day but the few pictures I looked at, look super fun! You are a special little girl with such an amazing family :) Happy Birthday "Mallory"!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!