Monday, December 14, 2009

My Baby's Sick!


I was working on a vlog for today.  It was about the little bet I made with my friend Jessica and it involved me going to a store that starts with a W to take a picture.  I decided to vlog about the experience but then I couldn't leave the house because the guy on the news told me not to.  Did I mention we got a foot of snow (EDITED: FOX 13 says we got 12.5 inches) over the weekend?

So...I got nothing.

AND my baby...My MAC.  Is sick.  I can't use it at all and we can't take it to the Apple Doctor in Salt Lake City until Sunday.  Calvin has allowed me to use his lap top in the meantime, but I don't have my lists and my Christmas Music and my pictures.  I'm feeling a little lost.

The good that without my computer available I did some relaxing and reading yesterday and I finally finished Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.  I'm starting her next book called Pretty in Plaid and I expect I might actually finish it this week.  Maybe less computer time is a good thing...

Happy Monday!


  1. That's a lot of snow! And shame on you for wanting to take a POW picture! JUST KIDDING, I think that site is hilarious! There are always some crazy weirdos at my local store, but my phone camera is too shitty to get a good pic.

  2. Brrrrrr! Catching up on some reading is always a good thing...even if you lose your computer time!

  3. Aw that is so sad about your computer. Please get it fixed soon. I need your whit and banter. Please.

  4. But we miss you if you don't have enough computer time.

  5. Oh, I hope those Mac geniuses can fix it!!

    Less computer time IS a good thing. But then your Google Reader gets all backed up! Keep that iPhone handy!!

  6. oh sweet goodness....a foot of snow?!?! i would DIE...and i hope the little mac is better soon....but ya know, sometimes a little break is a good thing....but just a little break! :)

  7. That is nice to have a little down time though :) I thought you were talking about your daughter when I saw your post title. Ella has the stomach flu today - so I'm getting a whole lot of nothing done today :)


  8. Relax and enjoy the time off, you can actually get stuff done LOL!

  9. So glad you have some downtime to enjoy - I get a little anxious when I can't use the computer, but then I always realize it is a NICE break! I like your blog design!! :)

  10. Bright Lights, Big Ass is my favorite by Jen L. Didn't feel like Pretty in Plaid was as good but it should be entertaining in your downtime... Enjoy! Hope your "Baby" is fixed before you get cabin fever with all that snow!

  11. Hope the genius works their magic asap.

  12. OMG, SNOW - the worst of those nasty four-letter-words!
    One of the main reasons we moved away from New England and now live in Florida! God, we do NOT miss that at all, and we are complaining because it is cold down here with the temp around 46 tonight (it's 11PM).
    I sure hope you get your baby fixed, I need to see your vlog.
    Get your rest though, you do way too much!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!