Friday, December 4, 2009

Elfcapades 2009: Arrivals and Departures

I'm joining Liz at Sugarplum Creations with the countdown to Christmas!  Every week we'll be posting about our week of celebrating the Holidays with our families.  Grab a button and join us!


The Elves arrived on Tuesday. They flew in from The North Pole in the snazzie sleigh that Santa got for them last year. They brought the advent box with them and the kids were very excited about that....until I opened the one marked 24 and Alex asked me to pass along a message to the elf in charge of filling the box, that he would prefer M&M's ™ to Peanut Butter Cups. Hey Kid! It's free CANDY...just eat it!

i don't like peanut butter and chocolate OR Rice Krispy Treats

Mallory doesn't remember Vincent and Poe at all. And she was quick to let me know that they were bugging her and she wanted them to go home. She even went so far as to put them back in the sleigh and race around the family room with it...hoping the Christmas Magic would take them away.

get those elfs outta my house

And then later in the afternoon...Mallory brought Poe to me and said he was dead.

The funeral is Friday.

So....Wednesday.  Vincent and a 'Weekend at Bernies' version of Poe (cuz he's dead, yo) brought the kids some Christmas Jammies.  The children were very excited about receiving them and Mallory even thanked Dead Poe before she threw him on the ground...again, saying she didn't like him.

dear departed Poe is laying on Mallory's jammies

At approximately 11:15am, there was another crime scene created in one of the children's bedrooms.  This time the victim was a jar of Grape Jelly from Aunt Juana.  One of the children (neither of them will come clean) opened the Jelly and dumped it on the floor.  Based on my extensive CSI knowledge, and who told and who hid...I surmised that Mallory was the perp.

The cleaning crew that came in (me) was not happy because they were on a break; watching Y&R.  Cleaning up the massive jelly stain turned into cleaning the entire family room and the children hid in their rooms.

At Noon, I got an email from Santa that he was summoning the Elves back to The North Pole and the Weiss Children are now being evaluated.  These little rascals are not taking the threat of the naughty list seriously at all!

BREAKING NEWS! Mallory hates her new flannel footed jammies and refuses to wear them.

Thursday was a better day.  I'm still waiting to hear from Santa if the Elves will be returning and if he was able to raise Poe from the dead. 

Keith returned from his business trip and we went to look at Christmas Lights.  They love them so much!  I had to make a quick stop at the store and they requested a treat.  They were relatively good so I bought some pre-made Rice Krispy Treats.  As seems to be the of my children didn't like them.  Who doesn't like marshmallows and rice cereal?  For crying out loud.....That's fine.  More for me.
 the Griswold's live in North Ogden

I'm hoping that next week will be better and we can actually do a craft and Mallory will warm up to the elves.

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  1. Good luck, sounds like Christmas is going to be hard work!

    I love the Griswolds!

  2. Lol that so sounds like something I would have done when I was that age (Mallory & the elves).

    I hope they get to come back!!!!

  3. I have to admit, the little elves might give me the creeps, too. My son, now 7, has a thing about stuffed animals that "look at him", lol. Maybe that's her deal.

    And yeah, how can someone NOT like rice krispie treats?? Impossible!

  4. Sure is a lot of crime going on right now. It's shameful. I hope you get your man. Or kid. :)

  5. So funny....CSI has been so busy!

    Such cute kids....


  6. HILARIOUS Jibjab thingy!
    Love the lights on the house!

  7. Love the elves...I hope they return!

  8. Maybe Santa can work his magic on Poe. It's so sad when elves lose their lives like that. Just tragic! Other than that {and the dislike of the PJs, and oh yeah, the grape jelly}, sounds like a great week! :)

  9. I have Christmas music in the background and the volume on my computer isn't turned up very loud and something about that video is totally freaking me out. I need to go home.

    Poor Mally. All this Christmas stuff is new. Plus who really wants someone that "follows" you around the house and reports back on your behaviour. I don't.

  10. What do they have against Elves any way?

  11. I love this card. Can you make one on your own? I think these are great.

  12. Your poor dead elf. I hope Santa was able to work some magic on him.

  13. I love this post!! We have an elf at our house too. His name is Petey and he watches the girls for Santa to make sure they are behaving and sometimes he plays little tricks and turns things upside down and puts things in the wrong places in the house, just to let the girls know he is there!!! This year, they don't seem to be going for far they have made the naughty list!! lol

  14. I LOVE that Edward made it to you JibJab video...fantabulous! I need to make one ASAP!

    I'm laughing so hard about Mallory and the elves. Hopefully she'll warm up to the little guys. Isaiah is NOT afraid of the naughty list either. He's not afraid of much and he is not easily "shamed" into being good. Oy! I'm feeling premature grey hairs popping out of my head by the minute.

    Can't wait to hear more about your Countdown to Christmas. Sounds fun. I might join in. =)

  15. Bawahahahahaha! That is hilarious and I'm glad that Poe can pull off Weekend at Bernie's style. Poor Poe.

    Seriously- I have a kid who has never eaten a cookie. What the heck is wrong with him?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  16. Those "naughty" kids! LOL Sounds like you (and the Elves) could use a drink!
    Love your Jib Jab - it's Fab.

  17. Oh gosh Connie what a great idea! Love love love the elves! My boys are too big to start the tradition now, but kudos to you and your creativity.

    Are you going to do a Christmas vlog? That would be so cool!

  18. Aww, too funny! I needed a laugh tonight. What a fun little week! Poor Poor Poe.

  19. they don't seem to be going for far they have made the naughty list

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  20. we've never had the elves... mostly because any dolls freak me out. There little eyes following me around the room and all.

    Sounds like your CSI skills are improving fast... maybe you should put in for a raise :)

  21. I need to fly to Utah and eat baby cheeks. They are so cute!!!!

  22. so sounds like something I would have done when I was that age (Mallory & the elves).

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