Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Year Ahead...March

“March is the month of expectation, the things we do not know. ”
– Emily Dickinson

Plugging right along here. I am baffled that it is March 1st already. My children are growing like weeds and I'm getting older every single day. March has always represented hope for me. I've always lived where winter is a major season. This is the month when slowly the temps start to creep up and then all of a sudden one see tulips and daffodils popping their heads up through the earth.

Do you remember me telling you that a little storm cloud follows me around? It is becoming quite obvious to me that this is true. For the second winter in a row, my little town which sits up against the mountains and is 45 miles from SLC has gotten tons of snow. And the little mountain pass behind my house...had it's first avalanche since January 1997! The road was closed for a week! Do you think it is a coincidence that I have lived here for two years?

Here is a quote from my local newspaper last week:

It snowed so much, it took the guy who measures the snow three hours to dig out his driveway, and he lives in Layton.

It snowed so much, even the ski resorts were having trouble handling it.

It snowed so much, the amount of new water in the snow on top of Ben Lomond is blowing the minds of those same snow-measuring people, so much so they're skiing up today just to see for themselves.

I'm experiencing a bit of a conflict over my desire to live a fuller life. I've always fought an uphill battle with wet blanket syndrome* but many of my thoughts and ideas are meeting resistance. I have always been a glass half full/plan for the future/passionate person and it is sometimes really hard to deal with a spouse that won't plan more than a month out at a time and doesn't share your excitement for things.

On to my goals for the month of March!

Reading: I finished The Yoga Mamas and I'm now reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. I love this book so much! I have been laughing and calling my sister to read excerpts to her. She needs to hurry and get a copy of her own! Goal: To finish Bitter and start Bright Lights, Big Ass

Weight Loss: I only lost 2 of the 4 pounds that I wanted to lose by the end of February. Goal: lose 5 pounds. I will do this by eating smaller portions and drinking Slim Fast.

Cooking: Still trying new recipes and I have submitted my application for The Daring Bakers. Goal: more new recipes

Garden: I bought my notebook! Now, I am going to start ordering lettuce seeds to plant. I am going to plant lettuce in a planter on the patio. I also need to plant my tulip bulbs in containers and put them in the garage to be forced. Goal: Order seeds and draw out landscape in notebook.

Whoopie: I did not meet my goal for February and this is another goal that I am going to abandon. Calvin decided to give up sex for lent and we aren't even Catholic..... GOAL ABANDONED

Me Time: This is a new addition....and against the wishes of my husband....I will be doing something for myself at least twice a month. Even if I have to get a babysitter. Goal: see another movie, plan a couple play dates and find something else exciting to do.

*Wet Blanket Syndrome ~
when someone disregards your thoughts, ideas and dreams with their negative attitude.

In the comments...please tell me your goals for March! And if you don't have any...make ONE now! Don't make me come find you.....

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  1. Connie, Jen Lancaster is one of my favorites!!! I have read both of those and seriously just LMAO through both--she has 2 more that I also want to read....Pretty In Plaid and Such a Pretty Fat

  2. I have been hearing about the snow. I am hoping we don't see anymore of it here. I am done! My husband also suffers from the Wet Blanket Syndrome. I have gotten him to look at my blog twice now though so I am guardedly optimistic. Good for you for goal setting and good luck with your garden planning! I really want to do one this year too!

  3. I haven't read any Jen Lancaster books... Maybe that will be a goal for me! Also - more frequent vacuuming (boring - but necessary).

  4. Cammie ~ I can't believe that I haven't heard of her sooner. I am thinking of running away from home and trying to go to one of her book signings.

    Daisigirl ~ My hubby doesn't red my blog either. And it is so hard to not get down when he throw a wet blanket on my plans.

    Kate ~ Seriously...Get Bitter is the New Black...I think you will love it. I love to vacuum...but I hate picking up the toys first.

  5. I love being asked this question b/c it makes me put it down in writing and then I can't avoid it.

    1. I did that in that I shared about my series and I am still nauseous at being so freakin vulnerable

    2. I will take some pressure off myself with regards to my blog and remember why I started to write it in the first place (b/c I love to write, duh.)

    3. I will not let myself go down the rabbit hole, so to speak and just trust things will work out.

    Great topic

  6. I'm going to get my hair done this month and NOT feel guilty. I haven't had it done in a year and friggin half!

    I'm going to menu plan for the whole month. I'm going to incorporate more veggies and fruits in our diet too.

  7. You're so good to be specific with your goals. I'm sure you'll reach them that way.

    I have a few goals swirling around in my head. You're encouraging me to take some time to prioritize, and pin a few down.

    I didn't notice a storm cloud following you on Saturday? Maybe it's gone!

  8. My goal is to read Jen Lancaster's other 2 book, because she is hys-fuckin-terical!

  9. I love reading your goals.
    I'm trying to stay a little more caught up with everything I need to do. This is a constant struggle for me. I'm doing a to-do list every day.

  10. Great list of goals. I may try to get that book from the library this month.

    I am most certainly setting a goal to get ready for this baby and to make up an actual birth plan.
    I am also going to get my hair done and then get maternity pictures taken.

    I tend to make too many goals/lists so maybe one will be to relax on my list making.. HA that could cause a break down.

  11. Just found your blog so I guess my goal to read your blog in March! t eehee :)

  12. Actually, I'm going to mop more - just bought the swiffer wetjet and could be hooked! Mopping is so hard for me to do for some reason!!

  13. I totally know what you're talking about. I work in Mountain Green, the snow has been unreal. I'm ready for a new season.

    Your goals look great.

  14. The Famous Jessica Bern ~ I have a great feeling about you and your series. And I fully expect you to remember me when you are a famous actress!

    Parker/Bella's Mom ~ I can not wait to see your hair! And menu planning is a life saver!

    Chrisy ~ It is very good to have at least one goal per month. And my cloud didn't know I had left the house in my new stealth silver bullet!

    Bobbi~ Good goal you potty mouthed little sis of mine! I love you!

    Debbie~ I love to-do lists! They are also a life saver in my opinion.

    Shanna ~ Here was my birth plan: Get an epidural, push out baby, get the heck out of hospital! LOL. I can't wait to see your maternity pictures!

    Kelly ~ Welcome to my blog! Everybody say Hi to Kelly! I love my swiffer wet jet but sometimes I still need to do a real mopping cuz that solution is stick when it mixes with juice. LOL!

    Kaycee ~ Me Too. Come on spring! I need to go see where Mountain Green is....

  15. Great list of goals. I like the last one because everyone needs me time.

    I have a lot of goals for the month of march. I need to work on myself a lot. Lose some weight. Make myself believe I'm worth something. Find some me time(kinda hard as a single mom). Oh, I need a job.

    Other than just myself I plan on spending more time with my babe. crafting and outside. new adventures.

  16. Wow! Your husband is giving up sex for Lent. Is it wrong of me to be jealous...even a little bit. I'd love for my guy to jump on this band wagon.

    I have to tell you are one witty gal. Your blog title, description, even your profile, crack me up. Love your writing!


  17. I don't have any goals for March. Although your list makes me want to...or maybe it is just that I am obsessed with lists.

  18. i will make it through march without smoking.

    i don't have the gumption to get much farther than that.

  19. I really need to get a hold of a Jen Lancaster book. She's in my town for Chris'sake!

  20. My goal is to spend less time on the computer.

    I get so much accomplished when my face isn't planted in this laptop all evening!

    Good thing we can text each other now :)

  21. Meg ~ Great list of goals!

    Francesca ~ are funny! I blame World of Warcraft for much of this decision.

    Domestic Mama ~ I love lists too.

    Jess ~ GREAT JOB on the smoking! Keep it up!

    Nap Warden ~ I want to see Jen in person! You lucky girl you!

    Jessica ~ I tired that less computer thing and it didn't work for me. LOL! Can't wait to text with you.

  22. I could never live where there is that much snow- I would die- I freeze when it's 50 here in Ca.
    One of my goals for March is change- and I'm all for it-
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  23. You have great goals. My goal for March...hmmmm...

    Sadly, I guess it's going to have to be getting my Spring cleaning done. Quickly. Very quickly.

  24. Great goals! Mine is to do some organization. Better get on that right now.

    Happy day,


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