Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Livestock & The City

I live on a really nice street. All of the houses were built in the last 10 years and they are all well kept and very lovely. The weird thing is that this street is built into an older neighborhood of homes that were built in the 1970's so the houses behind us are much older and about $100,000 cheaper.

What a difference $100,000 makes!

Last fall the house behind us went on the market. For several months, it sat empty and finally in December I noticed some activity over there...Someone was moving in! The reason that I notice this house so much is because the view from my kitchen window and backyard deck, is the back of this house. I can't help but see it every single day as I go about my business.

Right away I noticed two LARGE dogs. They looked like greyhounds but furrier and bulkier. Their howl (which was often) sounded like a siren. It woke the children from their nap on a regular basis. I worried that they could be able to jump the fence and eat my kids. I wish I had pictures of these dogs to show you.....

A few days later...I saw a Rabbit cage. Oh, how nice I thought...the new people have a rabbit. I still didn't see any *people* just animals. Then in early January the hay/straw bales arrived.

click on the pictures to make them bigger...

A ton of bales were stacked up against their house, covered with plastic and then wood pallets and steel fence gates holding it all together. And more rabbits.

My husband's family used to raise Rabbits for show and he informed me that they smell. Oh great, I thought...we get to smell Rabbits all summer.

Finally I saw the residents of the house, a woman and her daughter. We shall call them MA and Daisy May from this point forward. Even they wear surgical masks when handling the rabbits. Are these little buggers toxic?

And now...I notice that they have three little strange looking dogs that are inside the house. Instead of letting them outside in the yard to potty...she just lets them out onto the deck which she has covered in plastic.

I'm pretty sure that we are not zoned for livestock so I'm not sure how she is getting away with this. I just hate looking at this everyday! Plus...what is she is holding the Easter Bunny hostage? Shouldn't I alert the authorities?

What would you do? Should I call the city and report her? Should I just close my blinds and pretend this mess isn't there? I think I'll call Martha and ask her what she would do.....


  1. I would wait until the rabbits start to smell, then report the smell. In the mean time, close your blinds while you're in the kitchen.

  2. shoot that is funny. love your new header....

  3. can't hurt to call animal control and ask what they think :)

  4. OHMYGOSH! It's worse than I ever imagined, Connie. You've got to call someone. Alert the zoning authorities. I don't know, but you need to do something. That's awful!

    Chris and I gave some old couches to a family in need a few years ago. Chris came home from delivering them and said he'd never seen so many rabbits in his life. He asked the people what they do with all those rabbits and they said they sold them to people who EAT them. This was in Draper.

    Maybe you need to find a good recipe for hassenpfeffer, and make nice with your new neighbors. ;)

  5. Love the new look! Sounds pretty weird. I don't know what I would do maybe look up your local laws concerning number of pets?

  6. Bobbi...I closed my blinds and now the kitchen is very dark and depressing. I like the light!


    Kelly...I think I might have to...I can't live like this.

    Chrisy...It really is right? I'm not just over sensitive? How can people eat those? ICK!

  7. Sounds like "Redneck Neighbor":

  8. I love your new header too! Um, maybe they are raising them to sell at Easter and then they'll be gone??

  9. Martha wouldn't put up with that hullabaloo! I would call it in. If they want to raise animals, they should have moved to a farm where they are zoned to do it.

    Plus, it isn't even warm yet - then it really will smell!


  10. Ooh, just in time for Easter.

    I had all sorts of "poop deck" jokes ready to go, but I'll spare you and save them for my six year old.

    This is pretty bad, I would definitely call animal control.

  11. hahhhaa. see if your city has their zoning rules posted on their website. :)

  12. srsly, i think they milk the rabbits.

  13. EWWWWWW! I would be calling right away! I had a lady who's mid-twenties son was a flasher and I called the police!

  14. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment!

    As for the rabbits. If her kid was possibly raising a rabbit for 4-H or something, that I could see giving a free pass for, but there seems to be an awful lot of hay for just one or two bunnies. I would call and check on what the zoning is in you area and have someone check it all out. If it's legit and all the animals are OK and healthy then just go on about your daily life, but someone should probably at least be aware of the goings on there before it gets out of hand. And if the rabbits stay you could ask them to plant some tall bushes or trees to block your view. Maybe something that smells better than hot bunnies.

  15. Some pets are one thing, a farm is another. AND? My friend in Ogden is PERPETUALLY getting ticked for his dog and had to sell his ONE rabbit.

    Ogden is the freaking animal nazi city, I swear, so I would call.

  16. Yep, I agree with calling animal control before it gets any worse. I had an aunt (by marriage and she is since long gone) that cooked her son's rabbit when it lost the 4H show! Twisted.

    Good luck!

  17. Should you not check you are jumping to conclusions? They may make sculptures out of hay!?


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