Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gentlemen...Start Your Engines!

Hello everyone! It's me Alex. I'm guest blogging for Mommy today because she has an ailment called Spring Fever. I keep catching her reading seed catalogs in the bathroom and sneaking outside to sniff dirt.

I wanted to tell you about something really cool that my Grandpa Bob got to do on Saturday. He is a big NASCAR fan and whenever he is here we watch a race together because he likes cars as much as I do. He has even been to races at the Texas Motor Speedway two years in a row.

Saturday, my Grandpa got to drive a NASCAR car!

Grandpa Bob drove the SHELL car and drove 10 laps at 150 mph with 10 other cars. He said that it was really really fun and one of the coolest things he has ever done which is pretty amazing because my Grandpa is a flight instructor and he used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes for fun. Doesn't he look cool in his suit?

I'm practicing driving my matchbox cars Grandpa so you can take me for a drive when I'm old enough!

Here's a joke: What does NASCAR stand for?



P.S. Mom says don't forget that In The Motherhood starts on Thursday.


  1. HA! I didn't know that's what NASCAR stood for, but it makes perfect sense!

    Dad had me watch his dash cam video last night and it was pretty cool.

    My friend Maggie came over today and he showed her the picture and she asked him if he got to keep the suit!

  2. My Dad's done that too! Your father is so handsome...

  3. I actually really like to watch all of those cars go really fast around that track over and over and over and....

  4. Hi Connie!
    I don't know how I missed your post... Funny guest post! How fun for your dad!

    I am excited to see The Motherhood - I think it sounds really hilarious!

    What did you think about all of the snow today? We got over 10 inches here. Arrrggghhh.


  5. Most handsome Nascar driver I ever did see! How awesome is that!?!

  6. How great your dad is! That is fun.

  7. My BIL actually builds porsche's from the ground up. He LOVES Nascar

  8. That's funny. My dad and uncles go to the big NASCAR race at TMS every year.

    I can't wait for The Motherhood- it looks funny!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!