Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Times Are Tough...

Times are really tough right now, people are losing their jobs, the president is bailing out companies that can still afford to give their top people bonuses and Jay Cutler is mad at his new head couch.

Mothers are a resilient bunch and when times get tough we get to work...we work hard to make sure that our families are taken care of and that the paycheck Daddy brings home goes further than it did last week. We cut coupons and shop sales and Ebay. Some Mommies will go back to work and some will try to find something to do from home.

There are lots of things that Moms can do from home. Take in more children to watch, transcription and data entry, phone sex operator, or some kind of sewing project.....

Since I am an excellent sewer...I decided that this would be the way I would help take care of my family. I have found a product that I think is just going to FLY off my shevles and will make my family rich! Now I just need a little help. I hosted a casting call the other day for a model to be the spokesmodel for my product. Three ladies showed up....can you help me pick the right person for this job?

From left to right: Debbie, Sally & June.


  1. LOL!! I choose June because she looks like she's having the most fun.

    Times are tough, maybe I should give "panty man" a call....

  2. My grandpa sent this in an email to me.

  3. You crack me up Connie!!!


  4. They're so cute! All of them. Love the photo, and I think you're on to something. You're gonna be rich, Sister!

  5. I pick Debby, there's just something about her. I think she IS the face of your boob scarf.

  6. I don't even know what to say... But it would be interesting to show up at the PTA meeting wearing one of those scarves. (Just kidding - I don't got to PTA meetings)

  7. Love your intro to the photo! I was going to tell you that your profile had a mistake because it says Alex is 2 and Mallory is 2, when I realized, they ARE both 2! Go super-mom!

  8. Oh my heck I laughed so hard that is just what I needed!!


  9. Well Debbie of course! Actually, that is my great aunt and the woman I am named after. Thank you for featuring her.
    I tried that phone sex job. I didn't have much success because I kept saying "Come on buddy. I gotta start dinner soon." Go figure.

  10. THAT was flippin hilarious!OMGosh!

    I actually think you should pick Debbie. She has the name with the most zing. You know, like "Debbie Does..."


  11. Hee, that's hilarious! I'm popping by from SITS (you were the commenter before me) and I'm glad I did since I needed the giggle :)

  12. Debbie of course. She has that winning look. This is so funny!


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