Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had a lovely post prepared for you today with adorable pictures of my daughter Mallory who will be turning 2 years old in a few days. She is just so darling and saying so many funny things. Last week, she got feelings. I have nicknamed her Sybil because in a moments notice she gets MAT (she means mad) and sighs heavily and sulks off. We don't know what causes it or how long it will last but she is MAT and don't talk to me.

I have to tell you...I have not been very careful with how I present my family on the internet. People talk all the time about how careful you need to be...about not showing pictures of the front of the house and of your children, and using fake names. I have taken some of those precautions but I guess I just thought I was immune from it.

I recently had to distance myself from a online message board that I have been a part of for two years. There was a woman there that I became very close to and I would say we became great friends. As will happen in a group of 40 ladies, I became more close with some the gals than others and she didn't like that. Then...she got a blog and began to copy everything I did. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery....and it felt like that at first but then when she started following my commenters home to their blogs and commenting there it started to feel weird. I felt like she was following me all around the internet! You might be thinking...that's not so bad, we all comment on each other's blogs. Well. I also have Statcounter and I discovered she was visiting my blogs 16-20 times a day. I had to do something before she threw my puppy out the window. There is slightly more to the story but I will leave it at that.

Now, I feel nervous about posting pictures of my children and sharing too much. I am not the kind of person that censors herself and I don't want to start now. What you see here is exactly who I am. I don't want to stop being myself because blogging is such a wonderful outlet for me. Stay at home mom's are sometimes so isolated and this makes me feel like I have a connection with real people.

The reason that I'm telling you about this is because I want you to be careful. I never in a million years though this person would end up being this way. And it makes me MAT that I have this fear in my heart right now.

Be careful out there.....


  1. Yikes Connie. That would make me MAT too. :o(

    Saw you over at SITS and wanted to say hello. :o)

  2. I'm MAT for you. It just takes one creepy stalker to ruin it for the rest of it. I hope for your sake she chills out some.

    On a sidenote, not to be creepy, I just wanted to let you know how excited I was to find your blog. I'll probably be back today to read the archives. I'm not stalking you though, I just think you're funny =).

  3. That is creepy and weird and i could go on and on. I often wonder if I put too much on mine. I am also nervous that one of these days my inlaws will find it and I will be in big trouble!

  4. Wow, that's scary! Thanks for sharing that though. I tend to be a bit too open online sometimes and forget that the whole world is capable of seeing it.

  5. It's a good reminder for all of us, Connie. Thank you.

    I've struggled with "blog etiquette" as far as discovering new blogs via some of my favorites. I always say, "Hi, I'm Chris! Came via so-and-so's blog. Nice to meet you." I think there's a difference between expanding your community, growing your readership, and stalking someone, or sabotaging their community or efforts. Does that make sense?

    Would be interesting to see how other bloggers feel about people finding connections to other blogs via theirs. For the record, I love it when people fine each other via my comment section or links. BUT, I don't want a crazy stalker gal assuming my identity.

    Your hair looks lovely today...

  6. That is creepy! And that is why I have only put photos of my on the internet. None of my kids.

  7. Joy ~ Thanks for stopping by!

    Kaycee~ Thanks for thinking i'm funny! Visit as long as you like. LOL!

    Shanna ~ I hope your in laws don't find your blog!

    Monica~ I forget that the internet is so open too. I need to remember that anyone can see it.

    Chris ~ I thought about that alot. I find blogs from reading comments especially the one's that show your last blog post when you comment. This was just so much more involved and included the private message board we were on together.

    Debbie ~ That is probably the safest way to go. Gosh it's so hard because I love to share photos of my kids....

  8. I am new to this blogging stuff. I hope I don't have to deal with anything like that! I hope things get better!

  9. That is very creepy... I guess there is an upside to my inability to get on the ball and post more pictures?

    But seriously. Out the bitch. Who is she?

  10. I am so MAT that that has happened to you Connie! You could start a new blog and email your friendly commenters about it. That way your stalker wouldn't know where you went, but we would! I wonder if that would work?

    And happy birthday to your adorable daughter! Are going to have a birthday tea party or something equally fun. You always have the best ideas!!!


  11. Can you say, "Single White Female" anyone?!


  12. Yea, that is creepy. It is a good reminder for all of us. I knew someone who had a knitting blog and posted a picture of her preschool-aged niece in a hand knit. Then a ton of traffic came from some male hair loss community in Europe. After she did a little more digging she uncovered that their intentions were far more sick and twisted. She immediately took down her entire blog and contacted the system admin for the hair loss community and he also disbanned them.

    Sad how something so innocent and positive can be so damaging.

  13. That sucks! I use Gage's name all over my blog(&even in this comment!). I kinda just love his name.

    IN my profile though I hide the city I live in so atleast that is somewhat a secret.

  14. That really stinks. I guess we "feel" anonymous, but we really aren't. I'm so sorry you are going through this!

  15. I have wondered about this very thing from the begining. I was with a computer tech last night and he emphasized the importance of not putting anything personal out there because anyone (not just bloggers) can find us. When I replied that they would have to read all the boring stuff on my blog and get bored first, he said they use filter programs that specifically look for information they can use to id your state, home, etc. and use it for identity theft. It made me really nervous, but then as I blogged this a.m. I put more than I should out there:(
    We must all be careful.

  16. Scary!

    And, how come another comments know that your hair looks good today?

    I want to see it (in a strictly non-stalker way)!

  17. daisigirl ~ I feel better now that a few days have past and I have completely cut ties with her.

    Kate ~ LOL! I don't post that many pictures anymore I guess that is a good thing. I don't want to reveal the stalker and cause more trouble for myself.

    Jen ~ I hate to start over when I feel like I have worked so hard to make my little piece of the web. I just need to be more careful. I told M that you said Happy Birthday and she said PARTY! I think we are taking her to Chunky Cheese!

    Bobbi ~ I came up with a new term...Cyber White Female!

    Knittingknirvana ~ That is a scary story! And it makes me so sad....

    Meg~ I love your son's name. It is very unique! I haven't been careful about where I live.

    Sturgmom ~ Thanks!

    honeysuckle ~ I didn't know about the filter programs...oh dear more to worry about.

    Jessica ~ LOL! That is my buddy Chrisy...we just met in person for the first time on Saturday and we have always complimented each other's hair! Today is looks ICKY according to M.

  18. Oh my. I know, it can be such a double edged sword... it seems like every group has a crazy.

    Came on over through the Chic Chick Widget... but I have been here before!

    I just love your writing style.


  19. Yuck. It's an unpleasant reminder that there are unpleasant people in the world and they have computers. Hope you are feeling better about things, it a terrible feeling when your perspective on your safety slips.

  20. oh darling.
    that is super sucky ... and scary.
    i need to remind myself that it can happen. more often than i do.

  21. I hear ya and totally agree with the creepiness factor! The part that gets me is how this person and many close to her won't care or take heed since she "found peace". *smacks forehead*


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!