Friday, March 20, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do?

I was supposed to write a post about Optimism today but I couldn't come up with anything. I was reminded of this story this week when I heard a certain song. You know how that hear a song and it takes you right back to the place you were when you first heard it.

In 1996, I lived in a low rent apartment complex where many college students lived. I made friends with several of my neighbors and we spent many a night sitting out in the grass between the buildings grilling on our little hibachis, drinking beer and talking.

I made fast friends with two young ladies and one warm spring night they decided to have a party and they invited me. I was quite excited because I had never been to a college party since I had gotten married and went to work right after high school.

I tried to wear my hippest outfit which I'm sure was not hip at all because I was a 25 year old divorcee and I worked in an auto parts store. I think I probably did a shot before leaving my apartment to quell my nerves.

I arrived fashionably late and walked in to find the one bedroom apartment completely packed with very old teenagers. The kitchen table was shoved against the wall and contained all kinds of party food. Chips, dip and cookies and in the center of the little kitchen where the table used to be was a keg of beer.

I made my way through the crowd to my friends and they were pretty much already wasted. I couldn't understand a word they were saying and you couldn't hear yourself think anyway because of the noise.

Seeing as I didn't know anyone else and they ALL seemed to know each other I decided to grab a plastic cup of beer, sit down in front of the stereo and play DJ. I had just started to shuffle through the CD's when there was a knock on the door.

Enter Officer Gilman.

There had been a noise complaint and he wanted us to quiet down. If he had to come back there was going to be trouble! I giggled to myself.....I was the oldest person at this party and now the cops had shown up.

We quieted down for a little while and slowly the noise level increased. I continued to play songs and the kids were really liking what I was playing. Cool Beans! I had a song all picked out to play the next time Officer Gilman knocked because I just knew he was going to be back.

There was a knock at the door! The kids all quieted down and I cued the music....

The door was opened just as the song started and Officer Gilman became very angry! He shot daggers from his eyes at me all the way across the room...yelling for me to shut the music off!

Officer Gilman was not happy. He instructed my friends to break up their party immediately or they were going to get a ticket.

I put a No Doubt CD on and then I slinked out of the apartment and back to my own....giggling all the way.


  1. You Bad Girl... ;)

    I have many memories of drinking beer from plastic cups, going outside for a smoke or a more serious flirt session. Sometimes I miss it.

  2. You were brave to go over and put yourself out there like that with people you didn't know. I'm so shy, I probably would have stayed at my own place.


  3. Boy did you have guts or what!!

  4. I remember that story! But I thought you were still married to BJ at the time.

  5. haha! That was a good story, I loved how random it was but it was really good :)

  6. Oh, you are naughty! That is a funny, funny story.

  7. Oh the good old days! I love that you went and then you had the guts to play that song!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!