Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toddler Talk and other Tidbits

This morning Alex was mad at me because I took away his beloved pacifier. He was MAT! As I got him dressed I asked him some questions.

Me: Are we going to have a good day today?

Alex: No

Me: Why not?

Alex: Daddy sick!

Me: What's wrong with Daddy?

Alex: Daddy go crazy.

Me: Well, duh!


After breakfast I was playing with the kids on the floor and Mallory picked up this little toy figurine and said...Daddy and Mally and then she kissed it.


The kids are really into the Thomas and Friends show on PBS right now and we were watching one of them that featured Percy (he is the green one) and they keep saying his name over and over and Mallory is saying it every time the TV does but she can't say it quite right...she says P*ssy!

In other fabulous breaking news....Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City is following me on twitter! She is my favorite person on reality TV. I have loved her since she was on Martha Stewart's Apprentice show. I love her brash personality and I just discovered she has a new book out called Naturally Thin!

Did you watch In The Motherhood last night? I have to say....I was disappointed. It wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be and there was only one husband present and he was only in one scene. If they were trying to represent real moms....I think they missed the mark. I will watch it give it another chance, I hope it gets better!


  1. I agree about ITMH. It was all over the place. Too much going on. It would have worked for an hour-long show - but not a 1/2 hour.

  2. It can be quite humorous (and embarrassing) when kids say the wrong word. :0)

  3. I thought In The Motherhood was quite funny, but I don't have any kids so what do I know.

    I agree Calvin has gone crazy!

  4. Yep, same about Motherhood. I'll have to look up Bethenny, very fun.

  5. A famous person is following you? That is too cool!

  6. Oh, dang! I'm so sad I missed that show. I was looking forward to watching it. Too bad it was a let down.

  7. Sorry Connie, but the eyes on the figurine FREAK ME OUT!


  8. I love toddler talk. Too funny.
    And I'm sorry they are into Thomas ... that show drives me up a wall!!!!
    And congrats on your quasi-celebrity Twitter follower!

  9. Hi Connie!

    What a cute pictures of your kids! So cute!

    I didn't know you are a celebrity! I would follow you on twitter too, but I'm too lame to know how that works! LOL!

    I forgot to tape In The Motherhood - I'm bummed it doesn't sound as funny as I was hoping it would be...


  10. Hi. I'm finally getting around to visiting the friends who popped by during the Spring Fling. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute site - I love your header.

    Here's a great pacifier tip - tie it around the neck of the biggest stuffed animal you can find and wait for him to get tired of lugging it around. Worked great for my son. Of course, he's 20 now, so I think he's over it by now!

  11. I missed the new show. I was hoping to catch it while on maternity leave, hope it gets better.

  12. I watched In the Motherhood on and was disappointed too. I guess the real mothers who could give them input and make it realistic don't have time to work on a TV show!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!