Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coming to a Mall Near You....

I like to hang out on the couch. I like to sit and watch TV, or read and I love watching movies from my couch. But I think when I order this item....I have officially spend way too much time on my couch. I'm thinking once you are comfortably situated with your couch don't get up much. Is there a potty under there too? I think I might accidently dip part of this in the toilet while trying to do my business. And my home has stairs. I think this is just an accident waiting to happen....


  1. That's an impressive bit of knitting there. Looks like afghans we used to have in our house when I was 7.

    I think you should pass, Connie.

  2. That made me LOL! I love your caption below your heading! That made me LOL too!! :)

  3. For the couch potato who has everything.

  4. OH my goodness, is it possible to actually make that for under $300 bucks, it looks like a store full of yarn was used to make it! LOL!

  5. Wow! This takes the "Snuggy" to a whole new level!

  6. That is the weirdest thing ever!!! Who in the world thought that up???

    I hope things are going well Connie. I have been thinking about your blog situation these last few days.


  7. I don't get it. Why would my couch need a dress? Is it like a blanket or a sofa cover? Ridiculous.

  8. Do they have it in plus size? Cuz if I'm not getting up, I hope to hit 500-550 lbs by next year. Also is it washable? Say it got soup on it...or an entire pizza?

  9. Love it! Doesn't look like it would be easy access for you hubby though ;)-

  10. Chrisy ~ It would have to come in a different color for me to get one.

    Kelly ~ We are one step away from the nut house here!

    Kate ~ That should be their slogan!

    EatPlayLove ~ There must be at least 50 skeins in there!

    daisigirl ~ unlike the Snuggy...this can keep your entire family warm!

    Debbie ~ I KNEW you would love it!

    Jenjen~ Thanks for the concern, she has deleted her blog!

    Kristi ~ I know you want one....

    Meg ~ have you seen The Snuggie? I think this is supposed to be 10 steps beyond!

    Bonjour Madame ~ Totally hilarious. I can't stop giggling about it.

    Christene ~ you can have it custom made which means one would need to order a new larger one after a bit of time....but I bet you could sell the old one on Ebay. After drycleaning of course.

    Suzi~ All of this can be yours....

    Parker/Bella Mom ~ How do you know he isn't under there???? LOL

  11. That's bringing sexy back right there.

    I think it's actually a husband repellent, I may purchase one. I'll wear it with my big wool socks and maternity yoga pants. Hotness.

  12. holy goodness.
    that is hilarious.

  13. Kaycee! Husband repellent! LOL! That is priceless!

    Jen ~ Just what you need for those Minnesota winters!

  14. Ummmmm Isn't it supposed to help keep you warm? What's up with the lack of sleeves!!!?? haha

  15. Is it an actual dress or is it something that just goes around your waist?

    Was this something you found in a retro magazine? Who afgans anymore?!

  16. Holy sweet Jesus! Is that thing for real?!

  17. Wow...that is so bizarre. I guess someone thought that it was a good idea...hmmmmm...maybe in another color scheme? ;)

  18. Oh my God, please tell me there is a man under there and she just doesn't want her kids to see


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