Friday, December 21, 2012

Review Extravaganza: Super Awesome

Ah Summer.  I think we had a great summer and we crossed off most of our Summer of Fun items but iKeith gave me a hard time because we didn't cross off everything.  It hurt my inner over-achievers feelings so I banned him from the last ice cream hurrah!  That'll teach him.

Joining Emmy Mom and her friends to re-cap July, August and September.


My sister came to visit.  There was much shenanigans such as Bobbi's boobs bringing all of the local boys to the pool, we broke stuff at Target,  we saw a pay phone and Magic Mike, Keith got us loaded and took us to Target.  ALL OF THIS IN ONE POST PEOPLE!  Also.  Lots of Target!

We spent the 4th of July at Mile High Stadium (i will always call it that) watching the Denver Outlaws play and we saw the super fan!  And we saw awesome fireworks.

My super awesome paper planner came in the mail.

I made a list of things that suck.


We celebrated two years back in Denver by renewing the lease on our crappy apartment.

My red neck in laws came to visit. We had a party!

I discovered that I worried for nothing about holding Alex back another year.

I finally got to tell you about the app that my husband made!

I retold the story of Norman the Mormon, right before we saw The Book of Mormon.


I found Jesus.

I let you all know about something crazy that happened in my hometown.

I answered the burning question....Are You Better Off Than Four Years Ago.

My daughter took a page from my book and planned an amazing birthday for me with the perfect theme.  She's five.  Love that girl!

I continued my tradition of buying myself SHOES for my birthday.

My favorite singer formed a band with his best friend. A Great Big World!!

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  1. looking back is so much fun i remember most of this to which is pretty cool

  2. Love your 42nd birthday shoes. Those are so cute!

  3. My boobs bring all the boys to the yard, no matter where I am! Lol!!

  4. Hehe you made me laugh with the crappy apartment statement. LOL :) Sorry it's crappy!

  5. You can never have enough time at Target!

  6. Target is wonderful- I finally got the Target Red card- heaven knows I spend enough money there. And yes, so glad that Alex is doing so good now and that you have seen what a good choice it was in the end. That is one thing I love about recapping as it helps you realize that those hard decisions and hard times do pass and that everything will be okay.

  7. redneck in-laws... lol


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!