Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself a Fifty Shades Christmas

I have a sweet post up right now about taking my daughter to The Nutcracker.  I'd love for you to read it and share the love with me.  I also gushed about her here too.

I didn't intend to post twice today, but I just got back from a last minute trip to Target and I had to show you what the guy in front of me bought for his sweetheart.

Let me start by saying this guy was NO Christian.  Oh no....he was more, Carrot Top than Christian.

I hope his lady has a great Christmas and enjoys her presents.

Yes...I did stealthy take this picture.  He had no clue....


  1. Well, at least he bought Starbuck's coffee. He's not a total perv. ;) hahahahaha

  2. Oh ewwwww!!! LOL
    You should ask Myya and HolleeAnn about my stealthy camera skillz. :)

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  4. Lol! Her presents are going to be just a little different from mine. And nice camera work!

  5. I'm pretty sure the purple bag on top of the Fifty Shades book is the Boogie wipes for babies.

    I'm entertained and confused by this man's purchases :)

  6. and coffee for the all-nighter, plus dvds for the kids to keep them occupied. been there, done that. HILARIOUS!!!


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