Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are You Stuck In The Pick Up Line?

Dear nerdy tech folks who are clicking over from the twitter.  This post is NOT about picking up chicks.  I'm so sorry to disappoint you.  

Are you a Mom with kids in school?

Do you spend half your life in the school parking lot or pick up line...waiting to pick up your children?

Do you arrive at school extremely early so that you can be first in line and get the heck out when the bell rings?

I have the perfect item for you!

It's a Car iPad iPhone Stand/ Laptop Desk/ Steering Wheel Table!  There is even a hole for your coffee/tea/martini hot chocolate.

It's like a dream come true!

This could also be the perfect gift for your ex-husband that lives down by the river homeless friend that lives in their car.


  1. I would try to drive with that thing on the steering wheel and have an huge accident.

    1. Oh no....this is for when you are sitting still. I'm sure there is a warning label on it somewhere!

  2. I love the "update" for the twitter peeps ;)

    I need one of those. I tend to sit in my car while I wait for RJ to be done with school. Other mom go inside and socialize, but I'm not cool like that.

  3. haha that's awesome! and even more awesome creepsters from twitter!

  4. This is flippin' brilliant. BRILLIANT, I tell ya! I spend my life in carpool and waiting for my youngest to finish activities (that's why I read so much)....


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