Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It always good to hear that your son is sweet, kind and cooperative.  That he is excited to learn and is never a problem.

It's even better to hear that since February, he's made so much improvement in many areas of his school work and that he passed his comprehension test with flying colors.


He is still struggling so much with basic phonics and he may have a learning disability.  It's still too early to diagnose that....but the other things, need much more work.

We went over all of the test scores for an hour yesterday.  Yes, he's made improvement!  He's working so hard and he loves school and his friends.

We decided that he could really benefit from a do over.  A mulligan!

It's been a tough year....for all of us.  This is not how I wanted our first year of school to go....fights with other parents that didn't support the teacher and a teacher that became ill which resulted in a revolving door of substitutes. actually taking it so well.  I was really worried about it because he has worked very hard because he wanted to go to first grade with his classmates.  Here is how the conversation went....we were driving to Home Depot.

Keith: (paraphrasing) You worked really hard and you did great but there are still some things you need more work on so we're going to put you in a full day Kindergarten class called K-1.  

Alex: Look!  A Motel 6!

Keith: Okay then.

I'm the one that fled the school crying and lost it in my car.

After explaining to Alex that he and Mallory would be in the same grade and graduate at the same time, that they could enter the science fair together as a team and that for his hard work we're buying him a bike......

He's was totally fine with it and can't wait to go to K-1 next year!


Thank you for your support this school year.  I've vented many times and you always know the right things to say!  I love my internet friends!


  1. Kids are so freaking resilient. I wish it was that easy for us mommas.

  2. I know right!

    I'm still trying to get over this.....

  3. But the thing with this is that YOU made the decision. It wasn't made for you, and 12 years down the road when he's getting ready to graduate, you'll see that this do-over was the best thing you could have given him for success. :)


  4. Wow, that's a great reaction from him! And you are doing the right thing to not push him ahead. It's so important that he loves school and enjoys it. If he ended up struggling and struggling and struggling in 1st and 2nd ... he'd get discouraged fast.

    Hugs, Connie! (We kept our son from starting kindergarten an extra year. It was the right decision for him!)

  5. Next year will be great. I know it! Hugs!

  6. There was a few years that I wanted a do over for Ryan and the school wouldn't let it happen. They felt if he was held back a year he would quit in high school.

  7. Ooops Allison made me post my comment too soon.

    Glad Alex didn't take it hard. He'll have a great year!

  8. I agree with what Christina said. He needs to love school and he won't if he's having to struggle to keep up. You made the right decision.

  9. I think you made the best decision too! I know how hard you must be thinking about this, hope you feel some peace soon.

  10. Parents know the best interests of their children, I have no're doing what's right for your boy, and it will all work out for the best!! :)

  11. Aw, I'm sorry. I know that must have been really hard for you. It's a good decision, and I think you'll end up being happy that you did it this way.

  12. Don't you hate it how we as parents think rings are are the end of the world and it takes our kids to put it all in perspective for us?? Sounds like Alex is going to be FINE momma - you are making the right decision!

  13. Not an easy decision, but Alex will be so much better off for it.

  14. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know this is stressful, but it is the best thing. He will do so much better next year and will excel in K-1. You are such good, no scratch that, GREAT parents! Hugs to you. It's going to be ok!

  15. Kids are so funny sometimes. We agonize over the big stuff and they usually just bounce onto the next thing. So glad he has made progress and that he will have the extra year to grow and hopefully they can get a better picture of what is going on. Many times it is just that the boys need some extra time for the academic is why we really shouldn't push academics on anyone until age 7. Oh sorry that this year has been so hard on you guys but glad to hear that Alex is doing great despite all that has been going on. Hoping K/1 is an AWESOME year for all!!!

  16. I'm so sorry. I sobbed the day I decided to pull Lucas out of kindergarten and wait a year. I felt like a total failure. But now almost two years later as he is finishing up his first grade year I am so so glad we did that and he is doing worlds better and he doesn't feel bad or even think about the fact that we did that.

  17. I know first hand hat you're going throw, trust me when I say you made the right decision!

  18. a mulligan is the perfect way to describe it! I know that must have been tough but it sounds like he'd really benefit from it.

  19. Oh sweetie, thanks for keeping it real but for doing it with a sense of humor. As I read this I was nodding with understanding. Our middle one was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia in the spring of his 1st grade year. My first reaction was something along the lines of disbelief that we had reproduced someone less than perfect.... not one of my finer moments. I've grown a lot since then. It was never suggested that James repeat 1st grade but looking back on that time I really wish we had gone that route. We relocated to Iowa during that summer and it would have made so much sense. In the end, with the help of some special ed instruction and an outside tutor and a couple years of maturity he began to develop some coping strategies and study techniques. Sometimes I think boys just mature slower and maybe their brains haven't developed enough for some of these skills. Another year can make a huge difference. I so wish we had done what you are doing because I think there would have been a whole lot less self esteem damage for us to contend with later. It was rough when he wasn't reading on par with his classmates and kids can be harsh. In the end he not only found his way through the reading maze but he thrived. We like to think that he is a success story -he graduated as a pretty solid B student, a varsity swimmer, student leadership council, and no DUI's or arrests. :D
    Hey we consider ourselves stellar parents by now that all three have graduated from high school, one is out of college, two are still attending . Although we are reminding one that just because you keep attending that junior college for a number of years you will not end up with a doctorate. :D We think we should be up for some sort of parenting award though because thus far we have kept our daughter off the pole and our boys out of jail. :D

    It is all going to be fine. This is way harder on you than it is on Alex.

  20. What a friggin awesome attitude he has!!

    I would love to be able to have some do-overs in life. Many. Lots. Tons of'em.

    Kids can be so cool. With that attitude, he's a winner in my book!

  21. kids handle things way better then we do

  22. That's awesome! I'm glad he's taking that so well, and it sounds like that will be the best for him. (look a Motel 6!)
    Can't wait to see you!

  23. I think you have to remember and appreciate the fact that you explored all avenues for him! We live and we learn, that's the beauty of it. You are helping him succeed.


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