Thursday, April 5, 2012

Travel Lap Trays

Remember the lap trays I made for Mallory's birthday party?

We took them on our trip and they worked out great!  The kids built LEGOS, watched the iPads and colored pictures.  And when they were tired....we laid a pillow on top and they leaned forward to sleep (thanks for the tip Vivienne).

I loaded the big slot with a zip lock of LEGOS, the smaller one with snacks and a zip lock of crayons in the cup holder.  Putting the snacks in the slot each day allowed them to choose what they wanted instead of asking me for something.   They loved the applesauce in a pouch and the fruit ropes!

These lap trays are on sale at Michael's this week for $5!


Tomorrow I'm going to link up with Becca at R We There Yet Mom? to tell you about a cool place we went near Fresno California.

It made me want to move to the country and raise chickens!

Sarah Kate?  What kind of chicken is this?


  1. I LOVE those trays, and I'm not the least bit surprised that the kids did too!

  2. I think I am heading to Michaels!! Those trays are brilliant for car trips....thanks for the tip :)

  3. Never thought of those for car trips. Duh!

  4. Well, after a little digging and consulting more intelligent sources, we have decided your rooster is a Red Pyle, Old English Game! He's likely a bantam chicken which means he is smaller than larger fowl. Maybe he will fit in your bathroom! ;o)

  5. I wish I had gotten a chance to read this sooner. We are leaving in the morning for a road trip.

  6. woot! thanks for the tip- I was just thinking Maggie needed one of these for our trip next week!

  7. woot! thanks for the tip- I was just thinking Maggie needed one of these for our trip next week!

  8. Oh, my sister had something like this for my nieces when they were little.

    Life. Savers.

    Or rather, they made the trip enjoyable.

    It's definitly the little things...

  9. Those trays are awesome! My nephews would love them.

  10. Oh I have to go to Micheal's! I did not even think of using those in the car-- awesome idea!!

  11. I think its funny that you ask Sarah Kate for Chicken info as I was texting her this past weekend for advice on baby chicks I got for the kids for Easter. She's the 1 to ask for sure!! I lOVE all your pictures and I really want to go on a road trip-- well maybe a short one to start out- but still.. fun!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!