Monday, April 16, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gift

School.....has been a constant source of frustration for me.

They are forever springing things on me or the information I have about something is wrong and I have to scramble to correct it.

Thursday, a note came home in my child's folder that informed me that this week would be Staff Appreciation Week.  I immediately panicked because according to my COZI calendar, Teacher Appreciation Week isn't until May.

I called the school office to ask about it and they informed me that it is that week everywhere but HERE.  She also made a snide remark that MY PTA changed it.

Oh....I see.

I texted all of my mommy/blogger friends and asked them what I was supposed to do.  The overall answer was teachers love gift cards and that was great because I already had an idea to give them gift cards to my new favorite Gelato place that just opened.

I asked them for ideas for neat packaging and Becca suggested getting cups from the Gelato place!


The next text that came through my phone was from Vivienne and she said I needed to decorate the teachers door.

I quickly emailed my best Kinder Mom's to see who was up for a little door decorating party and soon....a plan was born.  But you don't get to see that until tomorrow because we are hanging it in an hour.

Today I present to you......

Drum Roll Please.

These beauties are going to both of Alex's teachers, The Principal and the school secretaries!

What do you do for your teachers and school staff?


I almost started crying when Alex was giving his Principal her gift.  She is such a sweet lady!  Unfortunately....his main teacher wasn't at school today.


  1. Super cute! And as a Data Manager in the school office, can I just say thanks for not forgetting the office folks? Very classy!

  2. What a great idea!!! They look fantastic, too! At our school, during staff appreciation week, there are set things you are supposed to bring each day..aka: Monday: flowers, Tuesday: books, Wednesday: gift cards, etc. We only do it for her main teacher. Occasionally I'll buy a few $10 iTunes gift cards and have her give those to her other teachers, but that's normally at the end of the year!

  3. Cute idea. I always forget to do something until it is too late and end up with a homemade card.

  4. (Now remember...I don't have kids so don't crucify me on this.)

    So...the school sends out a note to "remind" you to appreciate them?


    My mom was a teacher for 412 years and got some really fun and neat things from her kids all the time.

    I just don't remember hearing about a designated week or a note going out reminding the kids/parents to appreciate her.

    However, I just might very well send out a big note today to my division to remind them it's "Redhead Appreciation" week.

    This could really work for me.

  5. I like this. I am always looking for new ideas!


  6. That is really cute! Since Ryan goes to a online school, he just sends all his teachers really cute emails.

  7. Perfect gift and cute way to present it! I cannot remember what I did last year but have been checking pinterest trying to get ideas as I love love Lucas teacher. And what is with your PTA moving it up like that?? Weird excited to see the door

  8. Way to go pulling together such a cute gift at the last minute! I'm sure they will love getting gelato and it's not another trinket to clutter their homes. Our week is in May and I'm doing a small canvas with a poem and some photos for the kindie teacher. I might steal your idea for the other teachers and staff!

  9. I wouldn't have thought past "gift card": done. Good for you for going the extra mile. And a gelato gift card...mmmmm.

  10. CUTE! Wish I was staff at your kids' school. LOL


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