Friday, April 6, 2012

Bravo Farms and Cheese Factory

My in laws live in a tiny town near Fresno.  We left LA and google maps told us the most direct way was to take why 99 just outside of Bakersfield.  It ran slower than the interstate but it's really a pretty drive because are in farm country!

We started seeing signs for Bravo Farms a couple miles out and it implored us to stop.  But we were in a hurry to see the grandparents so we decided we'd try to come back another day for lunch.

SO glad that we did!

From the outside, Bravo Farms just looks like a small restaurant in an old building.  You will be shocked when you step inside because you will be transported back in time!  This place has four wings that form a square with a big courtyard in the middle.   The courtyard is so freaking cool that you won't believe your eyes.

It has a multi-story treehouse.

There are antiques everywhere!

And chickens, a turkey and billy goats.

It also has a back porch with more antiques.

The kids loved this old milk truck!

One wing contains the restaurant and an ice cream shop.  We ate lunch on the front patio not realizing there were a bunch of picnic tables in the courtyard.  At this point....we had not yet found the courtyard!

The nachos were great!  And the salsa they bring to the table is spicy and fresh.

Another wing showcases the cheese that Bravo Farms makes.  I love cheese and this was some of the best I've ever had.  I selected the Cabernet Cheddar, Dutch-Style Gouda and White Cheese Curds.  Some of these cheeses can be ordered online.  For more about what we ate on our trip....visit The Rookie Foodie.

This little store also had chocolate, nuts, jam and other specialty food.  And it serves as a gift shop with toys, knick knacks, books and housewares.

Such a hidden gem and a definite highlight of our trip!

Bravo Farms
36005 Hwy 99
Traver, CA 93673

The Shoppe and Cafe  7am-7pm daily
Cheese Factory  8am-5pm Mon-Fri

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  1. You had me at cheese. ;o)

    But really, what a unique place!! So glad you stopped there because these pictures turned out great!

  2. OMG...that treehouse is AWESOME! That is just the best!

    (And those nachos look pretty darn awesome, too.)

    Sounds like it was a great time!

  3. You had me at cheese factory :) The tree house looks too cool!

  4. What a fun day! Love it!

  5. Looks like such a great place! Will have to keep that in mind in case we end up moving to Northern Cali- can stop on our way up

  6. ive seen this place, thanx for sharing, now il have to get my family to go and check it out!!

  7. I love it! The treehouse is AWESOME!!

    Thanks for linking up today! Have a super weekend!


  8. I want to eat nachos and live in that tree house!

  9. What a great place to find! That's the coolest tree house I've ever seen!

  10. That tree house looks amazing! And those nachos are making me hungry!! NOM NOM

  11. That tree house looks amazing! And those nachos are making me hungry!! NOM NOM

  12. Is that really a four digit phone number on the side of the milk truck? That's awesome. This seems like such a great stop. Perfect place for a couple dozen orders of those nachos.

  13. What an awesome place!!! I love when you find stuff like that by cool.

  14. How much fun! I would love to visit Bravo Farms! Thanks for the tour. I bet I could spend all day there!

    Ricki Jill

  15. Now that is a place I would love to go!I love that old Pepsi machine.

  16. That place looks incredible! I'd have so much fun playing there too!

  17. I love the photos! I don't believe I ever mentioned this, but I love your blog title the young and the relentless. lol. So clever!

    You mentioned your weight goals, you know funny when I was in my early 40s I weighted 102. Then in 2006 something went crazy wrong with my metablolism. I jumped to 135 pounds in a matter of a few months.

    Now six years later, my weight is not where I want it to be. My goal has to get to 102 again, eventually. For now, I'm shooting for 110 by the end of the month with 7 pounds to shed.

    Weight gain is easy. Weight loss is a nightmare! Oh well, I'm fighting this every step of the way. Thanks for visiting today!


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