Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LEGO Harry Potter Party

Happy Tuesday! It's that time of the week to chat up Impulsive and Shawn. You can tell them ANYTHING...there are no rules.

How would you like to pictures from my son's LEGO Harry Potter Birthday Party!  You would?  Great!

Let's start with.....The Invite.

Our original theme was going to be LEGO.  Then when I was taking pictures for the invitation, Alex brought me some LEGO people to be in the picture.  And a theme was born!

I have to tell you....my cake designer, Gemma from Bella Stella Bakery was very excited about our theme and I think she did a fantastic job!

There is a Ron on the cake also but he didn't make it into the picture.  Alex wanted chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and it was delicious!  

I purchased the goodie totes at Target in January!  I was so excited to find them and figure out what to fill them with.  We went with pencils, balls, playdoh, bubbles, a chocolate frog and a candy bar with a cool wrapper from here.

The kids had a blast building LEGOS together and there was a bit of naughtiness going one because Alex had just asked a beautiful blonde to be his girlfriend the day before and then he kissed her best friend at the party.

Mallory has a HUGE crush on the boy in the tie-dyed shirt and my sister Bobbi was her wing man.  You have not lived until you are the wing man for a 5 year old.

The party was a huge success!  But it wasn't without it's mishaps.....mostly from me.

Things Not To Do at Your Child's Birthday Party

  • Allow random children from your apartment complex to crash the party.
  • Drink too much wine and allow the guests to take home all of your children's LEGOS.
  • Drink too much wine and present your son's discarded underwear to the guests...ala Sixteen Candles.
  • Try to get your guests to pay you a dollar to see the underwear....after you already showed it to them.


  1. Such a creative party idea! Love it!

  2. His party turned out adorable!! Love the pics. I can only imagine the entertainment of flying wingman for a five year old. So funny! LOVED your instagram/tweets from the weekend.

  3. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! That blonde looks like she could smack the smile off the brunette in no time. ;o) Oh the drama of elementary school...

    Did you serve wine at both your kids birthday parties? I remember a post not so long ago where there was drinking at a kids party. I think I like your parties more than anyone elses. :o)

  4. That looks like such a FUN birthday party!! And thanks for the tips on what not to do at a b-day party - I'm tucking those away for future reference. ;)

    Scramble Brainy Friends, Dandelion Volcano, Obsessive Song Search… The Usual Mishmash

  5. We are sort of between birthday parties at the moment--my almost nine year old wants a party, but his birthday falls on a hard to make it work time--last day of school, memorial day weekend--and my youngest hasn't wanted a party yet.
    I will be storing this idea in the back of my mind, it's awesome!

  6. Man, you sure do know how to throw a party! If this is any indication of your "funness" then I'm STOKED for HB#7! Wait. Unless you're going to walk around outside barefoot like JK did in Austin. I can't handle that.

    A cake sounds so good right now. I wish I had all the ingredients to make one....

    Thanks for linking your sassy self up! xoxo

  7. What a great party, I love the invitation you did a great job!

    I'm with IA about the fun we are about to have, #HB7, but I don't care if you take your shoes off and she shouldn't either after all she is the one who peed in the parking lot...I was her wing man, I know these things!

    Thanks for linking up with us...t-minus 8 and counting!!!!!

  8. You gave his legos away? Uh oh. And boo on the party crashers.

  9. Your parties sound like the best.

    Your party stories are equally awesome. :)

  10. What cute invitations! And oh Alex is trouble! Already jumping to the best friend. That boy moves fast.

    And sounds like wine led to a few things not to do at a party ;)

  11. Those invites are so cool and you always have the best party favors!

  12. Girl, you do a birthday party right.

    And if I am catching your drift... don't drink too much wine at a child's birthday party?!

  13. What a fun party! I love the treat bins. My son is turning six in about 6 weeks and I am hard at work planning his karate party. It's the first time I have had his party at a facility (His taekwondo school) instead of at home. I'll need a U-Haul to get all the stuff there!
    Love you cake, too! And I totally inderstand the girlfriend thing.....


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