Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is not helping....

Gosh I love you guys! So much great advice and support for my freaking out post today! I have the best blog friends/readers in the whole internet land. But friends...I have Breaking News!

Soooo....I'm watching the news while eating my lunch (bread, feta and olive oil) and the top story is out of the town that I live in.

It turns out a KINDERGARTNER brought a loaded gun to school in her backpack yesterday. HER DAD left it in there by mistake.  The good news is that HE has been arrested for child abuse (DUH) and possession of a weapon on school grounds.

Hold me.

This happened in the neighborhood that we used to live in. Blocks away from where iKeith grew up. EDITED: This is the elementary school that Keith and his siblings went to.

I guess this neighborhood is off the list of possible places to move when we leave our temporary home.


  1. Seriously? Well... maybe that neighborhood is OK now that the Nitwit has been removed. Perhaps he was the only one...?

  2. That is seriously scary. Maybe you should look for a nice, quiet suburb.

  3. Wow- you have to feel for that child to grow up in that environment....

    How blessed we all our.


  5. How on earth do you "accidentally" leave a gun in a child's school backpack??? UNREAL!!!

  6. Wait, why was the gun in there to be forgotten in the first place??????

  7. Read my comment about choice enrollment. STAT! Honestly, school shouldn't stress you out, it should feel like a happy place, the teachers should be caring. When you visit a school it should FEEL right to you, pick up on that, it speaks volumes about how things are run. I've got a ton of advice when you are ready, being a teacher, going through open enrollment, etc.

  8. Deep breath, glass of wine in hand, remember - not everyone is a stupid @$$hole.
    I cannot believe someone could "forget" a gun in a child's backpack. Yikes!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!