Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teresa Needs to Downsize

Have you seen the latest from Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey?  Word on the street is that she went on a $60,000 spending spree while the contents of her house is currently set to go up for auction and she and her husband are filing bankruptcy on $11 Million worth of debt.

I like Teresa.  I love watching the show, her character is over the top and extravagant, her husband is chubby and irritable and her daughters are adorable.

I'm having a really hard time watching the show lately and seeing how much money she's wasting while her house is not under foreclosure.  Maybe we don't know the whole story here but shouldn't she be cutting back a little bit and cutting some coupons?

One of the reasons that I'm sitting here writing this post in a 990 sq ft apartment is because we have debt.  We could take the easy way we've been encouraged to do by iKeith's family (they are on their 2nd bankruptcy) and file for bankruptcy but we want to honor our commitments.

If that means we live with the bare minimum and live in a small apartment, then that's what we'll do.  We incurred this debt and we'll pay it off.

I'd love to see Mrs. Giudice downsizing and living within their means.....

But that doesn't make for good television now does it?

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I love you all!  Yes, you there in your robe.  And  you...eating Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. 



  1. That's great that you're working to pay off your debt.

    We're doing the Dave Ramsey thing and it's going really well.

  2. She lives a crazy world - what is "real" about her, not much! I am glad you are trying to pay off your debts and not put the burden on us taxpayers who have to pay off so many other peoples debts!! Have a great day! :)

  3. We are in the same boat. Lots of debt to pay off, but we incurred it and it just seems like the right thing to do is pay it off.

  4. Seriously!? I don't watch that one... just NY. (OK, and now DC, but only b/c I want to see what really happened leading up to the "party crashers" incident.)

    I think we should have a clandestine movement in blog land where we click on each other's ads.

  5. I know - it kills me to watch Joe look like he's going to throw up at how much everything costs, while she blathers on about ice sculptures and extravegant anniversary presents. I don't think she is in touch with their financial reality. I can't tell if she deliberately closes her eyes, or if Joe hides it...You'd think she'd get a clue though.

  6. I saw that and was thinking the same thing! Teresa needs a reality check! She can no longer go around with piles of hundreds in her purse and spend willy-nilly! Sheesh!

  7. mmm.. Ben and Jerry's. heaven.

    you are doing the right thing by living in that apartment. Makes your shovel bigger :)

    I always wonder how much of those shows is real...and how much of the "stress" is fabricated.

  8. Saw her on The View - seems like she's in total denial. Crazy.

  9. I actually had to file for bankruptcy last year. I had been paying on it with every intention to pay it back when I got my rates doubled...without being late on payments. There was no way we could pay any more. I even tried working with the credit card companies and settle with them for lesser amounts and only one agreed. I had to stop paying and got sued by one of the credit card companies. At that point I had run out of options. So instead of settling with me and at least getting some of the debt owed to them, they got nothing...and my credit will suffer for the next 7-10 years

  10. I'm glad I don't watch that show.

    I know it's from a different show but I'm going to quote Tim Gunn about your little apartment. "Make it work!"

  11. I hear you on this... Our debt is nothing compared to that "celebrity" level - but still, debt is debt! I can't even imagine never worrying about money.

    I finally caught up on your last 100 post since I started to fear my reader and pretend it didn't exist... Temporary rentals are hard, but at least you have enough furniture to still make it feel like home.

    Love Bobbi's comment - make it work!

  12. Teresa is not one of my favorites, but honestly the housewives shows just rub me the wrong way. But I still watch, of course.

    Way to go taking a stand against the debt, it's amazing how quickly you can turn things around with a little focus.

  13. I love how they call these shows the "Real" housewives of wherever... there is nothing real about any of these women.
    How can she spend all that money with all that debt & a house in foreclosure? Where is she getting the funds? I think she is insane!
    I think you guys are amazing in what you are trying to do.


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