Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scenes From My Apartment: The Great Room

My apartment is a decorators nightmare!

I've got three rooms of furniture in one long room and it feels a little too incongruous and disorderly.  What am I saying...it's completely disorderly because I have more stuff than I have room to put things.  My entertainment center is now stuffed full of toys and the desk I'm using doesn't have any drawers. But I'm making the most of it.

The Living Room

The Office

The Dining Room

The Great Room!

This picture sits above the dining room table.  iKeith won it the year that The Colorado Rockies began...he also won season tickets and didn't go to a single game.  I find it ironic that he's owned this picture since 1993 and now he works across the street from Coors Field. 

Next Week: The Kitchen!

*Bachelor Pad*
I think I'm done with that show.  The pie eating contest made me sick and I can't stand Natalie and Elizabeth.  Watching it is giving me that icky feeling from high school.  Can someone tell me what happened before the rose ceremony that made Tenley cry?  I missed that part.


  1. Looks like you are doing well with the space you have!

  2. Some times you just have to make it work. We do the best we can with what we've got.

  3. Erin and Jennifer are so correct! As Ray Charles once said, "Let it do what it do, baby!"

  4. I think you've made it look great already! However, you should know that Google is serving an ad to "build your dream closet" by Easy Closets as if to mock you. :)

  5. OH MY GOSH... Elizabeth goes through me ... & I woulda punched Gia in the face if I were close to her!

    Tenley was crying because Elizabeth said that her & Kovak's relationship was no different then Tenley & Kiptyns - where Tenley said, "Except for the physical part" - & Elizabeth shot her a look that woulda knocked her dead!!! EVIL EYES... Then she said something like "Thanks for putting that out there" - & Tenley was like "I thought everyone knew" & then she felt bad thinking she said something she shouldnt have... it was all dumb... just proof Elizabeth is a crazed woman!

    It makes me feel like it makes women look so bad - shows how easily men can dupe them & have them turn on each other... I literally was SCREAMING last night over it! ... so something must be wrong with me watching it - haha!!!

  6. I think you've done a great job with the apartment, Connie. I love the desk!

  7. Well, I think it looks great! We are always battling with too much stuff too little room. I'd love to get rid of the "stuff" :)

  8. Nice job making everything fit as good as it can!!

  9. Why do they design rooms this way? It's great for a bowling alley, but a living space? Not so much.
    repeat after me:
    "It's temporary. It's temporary..."

  10. You are doing great making the most of what you have!

  11. It looks great Connie. It probably feels so good to get in and be settled.


  12. I can't help with the Bachelor Pad but if you want to know more about what is going on with "The Closer" I'm all yours

  13. When we had to size down to this apartment, we had to give up the dining table. The small area that they allotted for dining is where our office is. I hate that we don't have a real table but I tell myself that it is only temporary.

    I like the way you turned the desk so that it creates more of a distinct space rather than just being against the wall and bleeding into the living space.


  14. Looks great in there! Looking forward to seeing the kitchen :)

  15. I think you did a great job. Have you ever read apartment therapy blog? They live in a tiny space, like 1/3 of yours with a child! Looks great.

  16. I think you have done a wonderful job with what you have. You did marvelous with the desk, great use of the basket!
    You have to remember that this won't last forever. Plus you are still able to be home with your kids and I know that they LOVE that! You are the best mommy!! :-)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!