Friday, August 20, 2010

If Momma Ain't Happy....

This week has flown by. iKeith has been working long hours (he got home from work at 1:30am one night) and we've been staying busy. I've done several things that I consider to be Keith's job. Bath the children, put them to bed, go to the park and then inside Burger King and let the kids play on the equipment.

I'm queen of the drive thru...because I hate to buy the kids something to drink ($$) and I hate those play things. Mallory always gets stuck in the top and one time on vacation I had to climb into it and fetch her.

Yesterday, she promised me that she was a big girl and that she wouldn't get stuck. She did great and couldn't wait to tell me 'I told you so'.

It was all fun and games until another kid taught her how to jump off one of the platforms inside the play thing and she hurt her wrist.

Then Momma wasn't happy anymore.

And I had to have the 'if your friend wants to jump off a bridge that doesn't mean you have to jump too' talk.  I had flash forwards (or sideways) to her teen years...

We've been invited to a party!  Two weeks in Denver and we're going to be social already! EDITED: We're not going. :(   I'm so excited!  What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Oh no! Those play structures are dangerous!!

    Very fun about a party! We are going to the fair this weekend. Hope you have a great one!! :)

  2. Glad M is ok!

    We're taking a little hike tomorrow to a waterfall and on Sunday we're going to a picnic at a gorgeous state park here.

  3. I've taken Bud to the McDonald's play place one time. He is still too short to climb up the platforms. But that is a super easy way to keep the kids entertained.

  4. Two questions:

    1) Think Ryan is too young for the McD's playland? I'm already itching to get out of the house more often :)

    2) Why aren't you going to the par-tay?

    Did you eat well at McDs?? And, did you go walking this morning?

    (I realize thats more than two questions-- I got on a roll!)

  5. Ah...The old, "If everybody else jumped off a bridge...?" question.

    I figure I would, too. All the bodies should make for a fairly soft landing...and a much shorter fall! :)

    It doesn't get better as they get older. I'm about to go load all 8 pieces of my antique black walnut dining room chair in hopes that someone can salvage it for me...

  6. I hate hate hate fast food places like that. Grant used to ask to go in them when we passed them, but now he knows "we have a perfectly great park right by the house..."

    Why aren't you going on your social outing?

  7. Yeah I think my oldest has been to the playland things once or twice in all her 8 years...I think they are gross

  8. I hate those play places too :( I took Sarah and Jason 2 weeks ago to Chick-fil-a without Evie and William and I had to climb in and get Jason out - that thing was SO sticky and gross! Bleck.

    I am sad that you aren't going to the party :(

  9. Have you signed up with Barb for our Mile High Mamas mailing list? Our next event is September 29 and that will give the chance to REALLY be social!

  10. Sort you aren't going to the party. :(

  11. Great post! I love your writing style. And the ol' jumping off a bridge talk...classic. :)

  12. a 'happy' adult. ahhahahahahahaha!

  13. Oh, I avoid those play structures like the plague! Driving thru is what it's all about. Sorry your party plans didn't work out. I'm working at farmers market tomorrow. I have to be up way too early!

  14. aww...what happened to the party???


  15. I want to know what happened to the party too!

  16. LOVE that sign about children being supervised by a "happy" adult, like that is really going to happen at a fast food joint, HA!
    Too bad about the party, but you are such a sweetie, I'm sure there will be lots more.


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