Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Bad Guy

I'm really tired of being the bad guy all the time. I don't know if it's because of my strong personality and that I ooze common sense...but I'm always having to tell people no.  I'm rarely wrong and I have a way of doing things which is usually the most efficient.  This must be what Martha Stewart has to deal with all the time.

I'm the bad guy with my parents because I don't tolerate their toxic behavior.  I'm guessing this is why I've been disowned twice in 2 years.

I'm the bad guy with my in-laws because I don't like them taking over my life and I don't accept their ridiculous ideas.  No...I really don't want 4 houseguest while I'm moving.  Thanks anyway.

And now...I'm the bad guy with Mallory.  She decided yesterday that she doesn't want to move to Denver.  She wants to live with Bobbi.  And why wouldn't she...Bobbi never has to tell her no.  She buys her anything she wants and gives her Cherry Coke and candy. I want to live with Bobbi too!

Move Update:

Days Til Move: 9
Boxes Packed: 40
Martinis Drank: 5
Ativan Taken: 3
Little chocolate donuts eaten: 20
Pissed In-laws family members: 3
Children that don't want to move: 1
Friend Goodbyes:  3
House Viewings: 7


  1. Too funny! I'm thinking your husband sounds a little like Ray Ramano in this clip. Colorado is terrific! We just put our house up for sale on Friday.

  2. I want to live with Bobbi too.

    I know how you feel. I'm the bad guy too, aka the voice of reason. If everyone else wasn't so crazy then we wouldn't have to be the bad guy. So it is totally their fault and not ours.

  3. lol...she is so funny!

    You're doing great with all those packed boxes. I wish someone would rent the place for your sake though.

  4. @The Ungourmet...that's funny that you say that because last time we lived in Denver my inlaws lived down the street and iKeith's brother is named Robert. iKeith is the favorite and Rob is always competing with him. AND my MIL's name is Mary (Marie?)

    @ Jennifer YES! I am the voice of reason...ALL THE TIME. It's a burden. Thank you for validating me. I love you!

  5. @Monica. It's crazy. At least 4 families have loved the house. I actually have more boxes packed but they have not yet been documented on my spreadsheet. Nor have the boxes that iKeith has packed. I hope he's keeping a spreadsheet....

    P.S. I miss you already...just because you are no longer 20 minutes away.

  6. That girl knows what she wants! How funny. I'm thinkin' I wouldn't mind living with Bobbi either :)

  7. LOL! I LOVE her, "ha!" at the end. too funny.

  8. ((HUGS)) It will all be over with soon. I guess Bobbi just needs to pack up and move, too.

  9. Hi from another exhausted, Always-Right, Bad Guy.

    I am right there with you on the toxic parent thing - I have been completely estranged from my parents for a year and a half. The first six months were hard, but a therapist helped me through it. It's another area where I am the bad guy, since I am the one who made the decision to cut off relations. In reality, though, I feel like a battered wife who finally got the courage to leave.


  10. You dont give your child Cherry Coke and candy??? What kind of parent are you?

  11. She is so cute! Love that aggressive head shake!!

    Hang in there - you're almost through the worst of it (we hope!!!).

  12. I always have to be the bad guy too! I dont mind though...Im an expert at it!

  13. If I buy you Barbies, give you Cherry Coke and candy, will you stay?

    Love you!

  14. "I'm rarely wrong and I have a way of doing things which is usually the most efficient" It is possible that we are related.

    Love her. Love.

  15. Too cute! Love the video. It's moments like those I wish we could keep our toddlers that age forever...

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  17. Aw, she has the biggest eyes! And brightest smile :)

    Hang in there Connie! Moving is SO hard, especially with little people in the house and dealing with realtors coming in and out. It's getting close to being over though!

  18. She's too cute, I'd want to live with Bobbi, too if I didn't have to do anything either. I hate being the mommy all the time too - it gets kinda old, I hear ya!
    You need a weekend at a spa all by yourself to be pampered. Hope you get some "you time" soon.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!