Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City...Be Careful

I just read a post about the social media app called Foursquare that scared the heck out of me.

Read Shea Sylvia's post here.

I tweet, foursquare and whrrl all the time. I have felt very safe doing least I do in Utah. Reading Shea's post has made me think twice about doing this once I move to Denver. The big city is a scary place and there are lots of scary people.

I think I'll be protecting my tweets and stop posting my location on foursquare because as much as I enjoy social media...I enjoy feeling safe more and the safety of my kids is very important to me.

It's time for me to be more careful.


  1. SCARY! I've never heard of FourSquare before this post...think I will stay away!!

  2. Scary stuff!! I had never heard of Foursquare before your post.

    Just when you're leaving, my DH is going through interviews to get a SLC! I hope, for my own selfish reasons, that it doesn't go well and that something else comes along that will be better and closer to family, not farther away!

  3. I've been freaked out about foursquare from the beginning. I just don't think it is a good idea for anyone to know where you are all the time.

  4. That is really scary. I don't know this 'Foursquare' thing and now I am kind of glad I don't.

  5. I have always been leery of Four Square - and as a result never signed up. I am home most if not all evening by myself with Mads - and that alone some nights is nerve raking enough. Especially in the winter. How scary.

    And, I admit - I have really cut back my on-line presence in the last few months. I watched an episode of Criminal Minds where women were being stalked, raped & killed from their social networking pages (granted, I know it is a 'fake' TV show) but, it really opened my eyes.

  6. I, too, am creeped out by foursquare from the beginning. I don't post my whereabouts online, except after the fact, it's just too creepy and I'm sort of a private person, well except for facebook, which is just a way to keep in touch with family and that I keep to a minimum.

  7. I'll have to send that one to Jeff. He has a Foursquare addiction :)


  8. Here's my take on FourSquare. I don't feed my updates to twitter or fb. I only update to friends via 4sq and rarely notify friends, only if if forget to click No. Honestly I typically check in some where when I am leaving. I'm not usually looking to meet up with friends, so I like that method. Keeps the possibilities for a "Brian" slim.

  9. I read this while in IL on my trip and AFTER I had just checked in at a million places in Chicago!!! AWK!!!


  10. This is just an awful thing! I have never used FourSquare, but I do use Gowalla which is really similar. I think I'm going to stop now because I have been the victim of a stalker (IRL) in the past and I never thought of such a horrible thing possibly happening.
    Thanks for the warning.


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