Monday, July 26, 2010

I love Mad Men

Before I talk about the show...I wanted to ask you a huge favor. See this picture? This is Matt...wife of Jen from Harried Mom of Four and he wants to win a walk on roll on the hit TV show Mad Men. Please click HERE and vote for him.

Doesn't he look perfect for the show? 

Last year I heard all kinds of buzz about Mad Men and then I discovered that it had been on TV for two seasons already so I ordered the DVD's from Netflix and I was hooked! I watched them every chance I got and by the time the third season arrived...I was ready!

I've been anxiously awaiting the return of this show and last night was the big night. I even got iKeith to watch with me and he wants MORE.  I love Don Draper and Betty is my idol....I'm so pissed that they are divorced and that she married someone else.

My other favorite character is Joan who we did not see enough of last night. Pete Campbell reminds of my old boss at the collection agency and I love how he's always trying to save the pitch when things go wrong.  Have you ever had Chicken Kiev?  Is it messy?  I think I want to make it for next week's show.

I don't want to spoil last night's episode for people that haven't seen I'll leave a few of my thoughts in the comments section.

Are you a fan? Did you watch last night? What did you think?

If you haven't seen the show and are curious or you watched last night and are now lost...this site explains the characters well.

Move Information

Days Til Move:  11
Boxes Packed:  33
Martinis Drank: 3
Ativan Taken:  3
Little chocolate donuts eaten:  20
Pissed In-laws family members:   3


  1. We watched for the first time ever last night and neither of us have any idea what is going on. Completely lost.

  2. I was explaining people to iKeith as we went along. I'll try to make a cheat sheet for you.

    Almost forgot...I had thoughts about last night!

    *Don's first date looked too much like Betty...but maybe that's the point.

    *I don't like Betty and Henry together. And I really don't like his mother. How rude of her to say all of that about my Betty!

    *Where is baby Gene?

    *I thought Hamgate was so funny...too bad it backfired a little bit.

    *why does Don like to be slapped during sex?

    *I miss the gay guy that was fired last season.

  3. I apparently am TOTALLY out of the loop so when I signed us up for NetFlix last week (10,000 years after everyone else has done so), I added all the "Mad Men" DVDs to my list. Since the kids want to see the new Cats and Dogs movie AND the Nanny McPhee one ... we had to order the first movies for those two series first. Can't WAIT for the Mad Men shows to come up on my list!!!!

    All I know is that watching the show will want to make me start drinking and smoking so ... yippee! :o) (The drinking part, not the smoking part. NOTHING will make me want to smoke.)

  4. So Craig and I have been looking for a show to watch during labor. We don't want movies b/c those are too long and I'm not sure what my attention span will be.

    Is Mad Men a series you would recommend we start?! From this post, sounds like it would be the perfect show to get hooked on. I want something that will (hopefully) take my mind off of labor and totally engages me.

    Is THIS the show for me c-dawg??

  5. Connie you are so awesome to have included this in your blog :) Thank you! I have to say - I'm not a fan of the show. Matt loves it - I can't really get into it. Too dark :) I like my TV to make me laugh! Anyway - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MOVE IN 11 DAYS! I'm cracking up at the 'little chocolate donuts eaten' :) Hang in there! Tonight I will go back and read all the rest of your posts - come hell or high water.

  6. On the DVR- going to watch it right now before I read anymore!!!

    Chicken Kiev is AWESOME!!!!! Easy to make as long as you pound the chicken really flat and roll it together tight. Watch out for the toothpicks when eating it!!


  7. Ok- I'm back. Again a show we both love!!

    -so sad that Betty & Don are apart and I SO HATE the Henry thing- ugh!!

    - don't you love how far Peggy has become standing up to Don? She was a little mouse the first season!

    - forget the slapping- why is Don paying for sex???!!!

    -And why is it I'm so forgiving of all of Don's liaisons but can't stand Betty's???

    Should be a good season!


  8. @jennykate THANKYOU!

    @Christina You WILL want to smoke once you start watching it...and drink martinis.

    @Jessica YES. You should watch MadMen during labor. It's the perfect show for you.

    @Jen. You're Welcome. I can't believe it's 11 days away either.

    @Becca I've decided the first meal I'm making in D Town is Chicken Kiev. Agreed...I don't have issue with Don's behavior but I judge Betty. And Don would never have to pay me for sex.

  9. Ive never seen the show before, maybe I should check it out!

  10. I haven't watched any of this seasons episodes yet...sounds like I need to catch up! I will try to vote for your friend too!! :)

  11. My favorite show of all time!! I am so excited to see the season premiere. I taped it at home :)

    I love Jen - I'll go vote!


  12. Ok Connie, you convinced me I am going to start watching past seasons of Mad Men. I think my airplane ride to BlogHer will be a good time to start. Wish you were going to be there too. Hang in there with your move!

  13. YAY! More Mad Heads! Is that what we should be called?

  14. I love that show. Love love love it. IT is eye candy...the decor....Don...all the pretty dresses. I missed that show though. Bummer. I shall have to check it out some other way.

  15. This is one I just couldn't get into! I do however LOVE the clothes. Glad you like it.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!