Friday, July 23, 2010


WOW!  This week is going to go down in history as being the worst one ever!  I'm pretty sure that my MOTHER disowned me (again) in an hate mail email this morning.  I didn't even do anything this time!  Damned if I do and damned if I don't.  In the words of my 3 year old...


Seriously...I give up.  I can't do this anymore.

EDITED:  THANK YOU MightyM for the song.  This is so freakin perfect because Young and Restless theme music is in the song and Bobbi and I call our parents Victor and Nikki!  All morning I've been calling them The Volturi and my mother....Jane.  LOL!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing.....

Every now and again...someone comes to my blog from googling my name. I always like to see what state or country they are coming from in case an  bill collector old boyfriend or friend is looking for me.

Have you ever googled your name? I know I'm not the only Connie Weiss in the world but I really hope that when someone is looking for me they don't think the number two blog that comes up in google is me.

Because I don't kill animals.

Move Information

Days Til Move:  14
Boxes Packed:  32
Martinis Drank: 3
Ativan Taken:  2
Little chocolate donuts eaten:  7 
Pissed In-laws family members:   4 


  1. I have had a year like that! I gave up to and life has been better since then!

  2. Doesn't it suck when we have to the mature one in the relationship with our parents? Hold your head high and focus on your move. You don't have time for drama with anyone right now!

  3. Hubs called me over lunch and I read him the his professional opinion, he said that the fact that you've turned out even half as normal as you have is a testament to your drive and character and you should be proud of YOU for that happening. You are a wonderful mother and wife.

    If, deep down, you feel your life would be much better if you had better relationships with your parents, then after the move, make it a priority to work things out.

    However, if having a relationship with them will only make your life marginally better (or not better at all), focus your energy on continuing to build upon the wonderful family YOU'VE created.

    Easier said than done, I'm sure.

    But, you have a million friends in real life that love you just like family and we'll help in ANY way we can!!

  4. Moms can be so over dramatic. Not us of course, but OUR moms.

  5. Your theme song needs to be Mary J Blige's "No More Drama". Play it constantly!!

    Sorry I haven't been by, although I have peeked at your posts in my reader so I know your life has been full of the drama lately.

    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you - hang in there! :)

  6. I googled once...held my breath...and nothing bad happened (thank you Jesus!)

    MJB rules.

  7. I am too scared to Google myself. I just DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

  8. I'm SO glad you don't kill animals! Whew. As for your mother, Jane sounds like a great name for her. I often refer to people in my life as Twilight characters. I've had a few Jane's and one or two Victoria's. Sorry you've had such a bad week. Hope the weekend is mucho better!♥

  9. I'm sure you don't and I hope the drama is over.

  10. Connie, wow ... family drama on top of a job change AND moving?!! I am so sorry. Moving is so stressful all on its own. I finally STOPPED fighting with my husband in Feb of this year. We had to focus on selling our house and moving to the new house and I couldn't handle all the work PLUS fights ... I only talked to him about the kids or house issues for the past 6 months. And wouldn't you know??? Now that we are in the new house? OUR OLD ISSUES HAVEN'T GONE AWAY!! It's been a lovely couple of weeks. (TOTAL sarcasm.) I wish I could just walk away but with the kids ... I just can't. Anyway, I feel for you girl. Just try to focus on the stuff you HAVE to get done and put aside the other stuff to deal with at a later time. Trust me ... it will still be there. Uggg ....

  11. I just googled myself and found a very scary website, that listed my daughter's name associated with my address and a complete strangers name. WTF? great.

  12. There are quite a few times this year, I just sat down and said, "I quit." Of course, I didn't, but it sure felt good to say it:)

    I saw that you call yourself a Domestic Engineer. When my 2nd son was born, the anesthesis office asked for info. what I did? I said I was a Domestic Engineer. She said, "Wow. That must be hard." Then when she realized that it was just another word for housewife, I was downgraded in esteem. However, I am glad to find another person who apparently has that same wonderful sense of Word Crafting that I have!

  13. You know that I am still praying for you guys in all you do.
    Big hugs... :-)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!