Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Denver, Broken Dreams and Love Lost

I'm going to try to do a post that will catch me back up and then I can return to my regularly scheduled programing...whatever that is. Coming Soon: The Connie Diaries: Summer 1987 Edition!

Our trip to Denver was last minute and super fun! We decided to take a 4 day weekend, visit our favorite city and check out the house that we were planning to move into.

Some of you were confused how we already had a place picked out...our plan was to move in with my Bother in Law (his new nickname due to a typo) because he was in the process of remodeling a 3 bedroom townhouse and his roommate had backed out. It was going to work out great!

This is no longer our plan.  Sadly, there is just not enough room for us there and after being in the house 20 minutes with Andre (Rob's Cat) poor Alex had a huge allergic reaction and spent the rest of the evening with swollen eyes and a headache.  We can't live there.

Speaking of allergies...I've confirmed that Mallory is allergic to dogs.  Poor thing was stuffed up so badly from being around the two Pomeranians that my in laws have and one of them bit her face while we were out to dinner.  I vacuum twice a day at home to keep the allergies at bay.

We had a great time in Denver!  Keith needed a new pair of Teva's so we spent some time at Dick's Sporting Goods and Alex rode a cool bike all around the store...while Mallory found some cool sunglasses that she liked.  We ate lunch at our favorite fast food joint (Good Times Burgers) and went to the Denver Aquarium again.  The kids love that place!

We stopped by Invesco Field and got Alex his first Bronco Hat and I got a jersey to wear when I watch the games this year, now I just need to find out who this Hillis guy is. (EDITED: Payton Hillis is cute!!  And old enough to be my love child)   Keith is really excited because after 8 years of being a Season Ticket Holder...they upgraded his seats and they are in a great location!

We had thought about taking the kids to Casa Bonita for lunch but decided against it...but we stopped by to vist the fountain on our way through town.

Uncle Andrew stayed home with the kids Saturday night while the rest of us when out to dinner.  In the years that we've been in Utah...our favorite Indian Restaurant moved and then closed.  We were really bummed until I discovered that Little India had opened in Belmar and we can now say that we have a favorite Indian place again.  Fabulous food, great service and yummy wine!  I tried Butter Chicken for the first time and it was fabulous!

Sunday morning I escaped and met my lovely friend Denise from Eat Play Love for breakfast.  She suggested a place that I am now in love with.  It's called Snooze and it's located just a few blocks from Coors Field (Go Rockies).  Click HERE to see pictures of the was so cool!  I adore Eggs Benedict and most times when I eat out if it's on the menu I'll order it because I NEVER make it at home.  This place does several versions of Eggs Benedict and we found out later that you can customize your order and get two different ones.  Denise and I both ordered the Bella Benny (not named for Twilight) and it was amazing!  Thin slices of prosciutto, brie cheese, and perfectly poached eggs on an english muffin...topped with cream cheese hollandaise sauce, balsamic glaze and arugula!  Snooze also has a full bar so I had the most amazing spicy bloody mary!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (I love this book!) while the men smoked meat.  We missed the fireworks because of thunderstorms but the kids were too tired anyway.  All in an all...a great 4th of July and trip.

Job Update:

Still haven't heard anything from The Dream Job...they seem interested in Keith and we're hoping that they are taking their time because they know that we're planning to move back at the end of summer.

Word on the street is that N.ASA may be regretting the decision to cancel Constellation (or they are realizing that they can't because Congress has to approve it) and there is a chance that they will just rename the project.  BIG SIGH  We can't take much more of this back and forth and after what I learned yesterday....I don't want my husband involved with NASA anymore.

NASA administrator Charlie Bolden gave an interview to al-Jazeera recently and he's quoted as saying that Obama had three objectives for him when he took the job.

One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; (by CANCELING the space program) he wanted me to expand our international relationships; (by giving away our lead in space to China and Russia) and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.

Reading about this development sent chills down my spine. It's time to pray hard...America is in trouble. My heart hurts because of what is happening with NASA and the space program.  Dreams, livelihoods and the future of our country are falling apart.

The Bachelorette:

I'm bored out of my mind.  I don't think Ali really likes any of these guys and neither do I.  Chris reminds me of a Golden Retriever and I just want him to roll over on his back and let her scratch his belly.  I just don't SEE anything between her and any of the guys.  I guess if I had to pick someone I'd say she's going to end up with Roberto.

 As for The Wrestler...good riddance!  I hope ABC paid that girl a pretty penny for handing over her voice mails.  What a douche!  I liked Ty...but as soon as he said that he and his wife broke up because she had ambition and he wanted a traditional marriage....I knew he wasn't the one for her.

I hope that we've now seen the last of Jake and Vienna.  I never want to see Vienna's stupid face again.  And gosh Jake...why weren't you calling Vienna's creepy Dad?  I think Jake is fake and nothing like the guy we first saw on Jillian's season.

Speaking of Jillian....oh crap.  She and my Ed have broken up.  I hope he didn't break her heart too badly.


  1. I didn't know Jillian and Ed broke up! How sad. I liked them together. so fake! I don't understand why they even had him and Vienna on Monday's episode. That was ridiculous and I didn't need to see it (yet I found myself watching it...ugh). I like Ali with Roberto and Frank, but have to agree with you that I don't see a big connection between her and any of them.

    Prayers for America!! I'm afraid of what Obama's administration will bring to our country. Nothing good, I'm afraid.

  2. glad you had a great trip! Hope that the summer wraps up nicely for you guys. :) you deserve some stability.

    I didn't watch the Jake and Vienna bachelor. So I don't know about her creepy dad...are there any links to see the creepy-ness? I know I did not like him much on DWTS and I sooo didn't like Vienna when they showed her watching him, that was creepy...and I almost barfed when they danced together on the finale.

  3. Thanks Annie!

    J.J. Vienna wore a ring that her Dad gave her that was supposed to signify that she belonged to him until she found a husband or something like that. A kind of promise ring. Also, he stood outside the door when they were making out at his house during the hometown date.

  4. I'm glad you all had a nice time despite the allergies and the dog bite!

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that article.

    Hopefully you'll hear from The Dream Job soon and be off to the gorgeous CO.

    Hope to see you guys soon!

  5. I still wish you were moving to Dallas, I'd totally let you guys bunk here, it would give us an excuse to get rid of the dog. :)

    Cannot even believe the edicts for NASA, scares the heck out of me!

  6. Your Denver trip looks awesome!

  7. Oh, Connie, poor M's face. I am sorry you had all the allergies while there as well. It looks like the kids had a great time and iKeith, too (in the boat)--too cute.

    I love M's flowery hat. Where did you get it? Would love one for Grace.

    Hope the new company snaps iKeith up away from Nassa and you all can move back to Denver.

  8. I hope you get good news soon from the dream job company.

    That Nasa article scares the hell out of me

  9. Sounds like a fun trip Connie! I hope you hear from the dream job soon! M's face made me sad with the bite on it :(


  10. What a fun-filled, action packed trip! Can't wait to hear about Keith's offer - hope it is a good one!! :)

  11. Yum, that benny was the best. Next time I'm having a mimosa with it! I hope everything works out for you. What sad news about the space program, I find it rather odd when we seem to have no problem spending money on everything else under the sun.

  12. Payton Hillis is from Arkansas

  13. Ok, Little Man Ice Cream is on 16th St, but on the west side of i-25 right across from REI (near the aquarium). It's awesome, they make all their ice cream in small batches daily and it's less than $10 for all of us to get cones!! They have fresh sorbet and gelato as well. I am in love. You will be too.

  14. oops I forgot to mention, please don't let me get roped into another season of those bachelor shows, it's the worst and I'm totally addicted. Sj tells J, mom is watching that show with the guys all oiled up again!

  15. What a wonderful time you had in Denver, the photos are beautiful.
    I'm still praying for Keith and his Dream Job.
    When I read about the "objectives" Pres. Obama had for Nasa, I was heart broken. I had the exact same feeling as you. I even tweeted about it, how can he expect to re-inspire children when their parents are out of work. Plus reaching out to the muslim world - he has reached out more to them than he has to Americans - and you are right it is time to pray for our country because we are in trouble.
    My heart and prayers are with you.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!