Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fan Mail

Last night....there was drama. iKeith's family is mad at me and I'm just going to own it.  I put my foot down and I'm not looking back. People will just have to deal.

So...I was so very happy when I got some fan email today...from Tiffany.  I wanted to share it with you because, well...I just wanted you all   iKeith to know how much other people like me.  And would you look at that...she'd want to be my friend if I moved to Dallas. 

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the fact that you blog on a extremely regular basis!!! You always make me laugh and put a smile on my face!! I just love you!!!

I am really glad that everything worked out with your husbands new job and the move to Denver. Although it would have been nice if yall came to Dallas but I know your heart is in Denver! The other girl I work with is a huge Bronco fan so I have to put up with her mouth and it will be getting worse soon lol!! To make matters worse shes a Dallas Cowboy Hater!!!!

Hope your packing is going well. I do not envy you with that at all!!

Thank you so much Tiffany! You made my entire day!

Move Information

Days Til Move: 16
Boxes Packed: 32
Martinis Consumed: 3
Ativan Taken:  0
Pissed In-laws: 2


  1. I just wonder if the inlaws being mad at you is a bad thing? Because if mine would stop talking to us that would be bliss!

  2. I would give my advice, but it contains a profanity. I'll let you figure it out.

  3. I say FUCK 'EM!!!!

    Tiff is great! I'm glad she's my friend!

  4. Hi Connie, it's Breanna's mom I am just wondering if the flip flops arrived for Mallory?

  5. hey lady...that sucks about the drama, but hey...sometimes you just have to put your foot down! i'm glad you stuck your ground! hope the move is going good :)

  6. We all love you! Tell 'em to suck it.

  7. Aren't in-laws fun? Stick to your guns hun!

  8. Is it a cold sore? I know I get them when I get stressed out so . . . there ya go. I guess the answer, then, would be to stay away from the in-laws ;) And, um, I'm getting cut off from spending anything at all now that we're building a house . . . maybe I need to start a fund? ;)

    *I lost a follower today too {tear}.

  9. Yeah for putting your foot down! Set your boundaries now before you are neighbors.

  10. Good for you... stick to your guns!
    As for what Tiffany said: ditto!!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!