Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Past My Prime

iKeith and I went out to dinner for our Anniversary the other night and we talked about *the move*. If I'd know that this would end up being a touchy subject I would have banned all talk of moving and only talked about love and light and stuff like that.

I was trying to tell my darling husband that I'm looking forward to making tons of friends since my religious beliefs won't be a condition of friendship and since most normal people love me.

It was then that he snickered at me and informed me that I am PAST MY PRIME and will not find many friends since most women of my advanced maternal age have grandkids...not preschoolers.

Then he reminded me that I'm going to be turning 40 in a couple weeks. (7.5 weeks...but who's counting)

The next day someone found my blog by googling I'm No Spring Chicken Anymore.

I then decided that age is just a number and you are only as old as you feel.  I feel 25.  For reals, YO! The next thing I did was download a bunch of Justin Bieber songs to my iPhone and bought some clothes from Forever 21.  My ass is now hanging out of my pants but I heard that's cool.

I'm planning to grow out my Mom Hair and get some blonde highlights, wear a whole bunch of necklaces at the same time, add the word like to my vocabulary and trade in my Armada for a Jeep. If I have to...I'll get botox.

I might also have to trade in my husband.  JUST KIDDING.

While we're on the subject....more things that people googled to find me.

  • I dream of a world where people eat rainbows and fart butterflies.
  • How to throw an Eat, Pray Love Party.
  • 10 ways to stave off boredom.
  • Drinking Games
  • Young Fat Dancing Men
  • How to Escape from Utah.
  • can u burn fat while sleeping after 2 shots of tequila
  • stop googling symptoms
  • strict mommy 

I think these are all great blog post ideas! Don't you?

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Move Information

Days Til Move: 17
Boxes Packed: 25
Martinis Consumed: 2


  1. Have an M&M!

    I think you are going to be fabulous at 40, so don't listen to a word he says! You most certainly are no where near your prime and will have no issues with making friends, everyone loves you!

  2. I concur with Annie! No issues with making friends! You are definately not past your prime...you don't look or act almost 40 in any way shape or form either. I like the farting butterflies one!

  3. Hub needs a reality check! Doesn't he know which side his bread is buttered on??? Yikes--

    Besides, 40 isn't old. The fact that you feel 25 is terrific! You will make friends easily-- I can tell by your style. You're warm and funny and I bet people gravitate to you easily.

    Remind hubby that in ten years you two will be looking back and thinking how young you were at 40! Enjoy it while you can!


  4. Your hubs is a turd for saying such blasphemy!!! LOL

  5. You are young and fabulous!! I feel 25 too.

    How do you figure out what people put into google to get to your blog?


  6. You are not past your prime. I'm 38 and I have two small children and I have friends that are the same.

    Granted that a lot of the kids my kids age have younger mothers than mine, but what do they know about life? What have they done besides have kids? These are the questions I fool... I mean comfort myself with.

  7. You are SO not past your prime! You're just entering the BEGINNING of your prime...which will last for a long time. 40 is like the new 20. There are tons of women who don't start families until they are 40! Tell iKeith he may be a smarty when it comes to science and techy stuff, but he's a little behind the times when it comes to the Prime Age of Women. :)

    I love the list...they would all make great blog post! :)

    Going to check out my feedjit and see how people find me.

  8. You're too funny, and that's lucky for you because otherwise I'd be in a snit about the fact that I'm 6 years older than you and have a 5 year old. The old mommies and I scope each other out and bond over having gray hair and preschoolers. It's so much fun. Oh, as per your request, I asked my vegetables how long your in-laws' grudge would last and they said "It cannot be determined," but I think they consulted the Magic-8 Ball canteloupe.

  9. If you're past your prime then I'm the Queen (I'm not).

    My husband wouldn't dare say anything like that to me (maybe that's because he knows that I have fists of steel).

    Good luck with the move, hon.

    MM xx

  10. WHAT?! I hope you flicked that iKeith straight in the nose. You are so not past your prime, darlin'. I still cannot get over the fact that you're moving so soon. I'm so glad you're excited!

    And, Young Fat Dancing Men? What the?

  11. Back several years ago, when J and I were visiting a Sunday School class I commented that the other people in our "age group" seemed much older than us. J replied, "Well, your not as young as you used to be."

    I'm pretty sure I didn't speak to him for the rest of the day. You'll make tons of friends! Many of mine don't even have children yet, and I have 3!

  12. You are not past your prime. The end.

  13. You don't have everything to worry about, you are a fabulous woman and will make tons of friends, of that I am certain!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!