Friday, December 12, 2008

Elfcapades ~ Poe Gone Wild

Greetings! It's me Vincent...Alex and Mallory call me Pincent and I think it is so adorable. They are both getting really good at looking for me and Poe in the morning when they wake up and we love finding new places to hide.

We have had a pretty busy week and one of us has logged some frequent flyer miles. ahem. Poe heard that the Daddy was going on a weekend trip to Denver to attend a Bronco Football game. I was not aware of this but I guess Poe's Great Grandpa used to be John Elway's Elf....and he thought #7 still played for them.

Poe made a split second decision to jump into the Daddy's carry on and hitch a ride to Denver. For a few hours we didn't know where he was and then this picture arrived.

There is Poe in the seat pocket! The Daddy found him in his bag. We made arrangements with the kids' Nana to keep an eye on him.

But Poe just couldn't keep out of trouble. He thought he was helping Nana wrap presents.

Sunday morning, Nana came downstairs to this mess. Poe tried to make breakfast and because he was unattended....he ate all of the sugar! We heard a rumor that he had been up late playing World of Warcraft and was trying to keep his blood sugar up!

Poe tried to redeem himself by bringing some books home. I guess he is forgiven....

On Monday night, me and Poe decided to watch a movie. My favorite of all time is A Christmas Story and it took us a while but we found it.

We tried to find a snack but alas...there was only fruit and we don't eat fruit!

Tuesday and Wednesday we were very good and only hid around the family room...first in the toy box and then in the Mother's sewing basket. The kids' are very good about putting us to bed at 7:30pm every night and they even got us an extra blanket when it was really cold.

Thursday, we brought a gift for the children because they have been so good. Not only have they been behaving themselves but they have been kind to each other. Now the kids' have placemats for the table that they can keep track of the days' until Santa comes. Mallory doesn't get the whole *days til christmas* thing and keeps changing the days while she is eating. Silly kid.

Yesterday....some correspondence from Santa arrived and the Mother is going to help them open them tomorrow! We are so excited to see what Santa has to say!

Dear Santa,

This has been a very good week with the Weiss children. They are being very good and they number of naughty step visits has declined! We did have that little incident with Poe and it is up to you if you want to write him up....but he has been working really hard to make up for his absence. We are looking forward to attending Mallory's Mother/Daughter Tea Party this weekend and meeting some more children. We will spread some North Pole happiness!

Spritz & Fudge,

Vincent and Poe

P.S. We think the children are ready for The Santa Book. Please send it as soon as possible.

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  1. I love that you do this for your kids! I wish i were that creative! When did you start this?

  2. That's adorable! Love that the elf went to Denver - I bet that added much magic to their *existence* for the kids. Especially with pictures to prove it!

    The Jib Jab card is fantastic! You're a good Mom...

  3. Oh, those mischievous elves! They get into such trouble! What will they do next? So cute and fun for your kids! You are very creative!!! I hope you are doing something fun with your kids this weekend.


    PS -- I bought those placemats too -- they are very cute!

  4. Silly Poe, he's kind of a naughty elf don't you think?


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!