Friday, December 26, 2008

No Thank You

See this little boy. He is a joy....he is my baby. My first born and my darling son. He is funny and serious and focused and loving and independent. He loves Thomas, cars, trucks and pizza. He must have been a very good boy this year because he got 22 presents. It took two full days to open them.
His least favorite gift was clothes (which I loved) and his favorite toys are his new Ford Bronco, his Rocket and his Trains. And this week...his sister nicknamed him Eckie!
He has been cracking us up this week. When you tell him something he doesn't want to hear...he wrinkles up his face and yells No and does this evil little laugh (which we find hilarious) but we are trying to break him of this so I told him to instead say No Thank You.

This is working out great. When Poopa tried to give him more food, he said No Thank you. And then when Uncle Mandrew asked if he could have some of his marshmallows, he said No Thank You. Cracked us up!

Yesterday, Alex and I were the only ones up and he came over to the couch and cuddled with me for about 10 minutes. My heart was overflowing! If he only knew how these little things he does make my whole day.

Alex would like to thank everyone that sent him a present. He is a very happy boy right now.


  1. Too cute!!! Noticed that you have a new bubble above your daughter's head saying, "Charlie bit me." *giggle*

  2. I hear you on the choo-choo gifts..........

  3. Too cute!

    I didn't know the boat said Cabela's on it. You need to cover it and rename it Eckie!

  4. What a sweet little guy! Eckie is a cute nickname!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!