Friday, December 5, 2008

Elfcapades ~ Sleigh Ride

Hello beautiful people! It's me Vincent! I wanted to share with you what has been going on here with Alex and Mallory this week. First of all, Santa checked in on them over the Thanksgiving weekend and he saw how lively and deafening they are. He decided that this was a job for TWO elves and sent a trainee named Poe with me. Poe and I are getting along great by the way. I love teaching him everything I know.

So, he also saw that the dear Mother of these happy children had a broken coffee pot so Mrs Claus sent a new one along with us. We like to take care of our Mommies...they are the backbone of life!

Our second day in Utah was pretty exciting. We wriggled out of our sleep sacks and decided to survey the land from the top of the Christmas tree. It wasn't decorated yet so we didn't break anything. Alex noticed that we were missing right away!

He looked for us almost everywhere.

He spotted us at the top of the tree! I think he heard us giggling.

Then he tried to put us back to bed! is only 8:03 am. We want to play!

Tuesday night we sent a message to Santa that we needed some wheels. This house is too big for our little legs to get us around. He filled our request in a timely manor and send us a sleigh. It really didn't occur to us to ask Santa for something to PULL the sleigh with.

But Sam came through! By the way, Sam is our new BFF (best friend forever) he is the best guy and he takes fabulous care of Alex when we are away and protects him during the night!

Thursday we decided that the kids would LOVE some cool new dishes. Alex got Santa plates and cups and Mallory got Snowmen. We decided to give Mommy some time off and we served them their favorite lunch!

This morning...Mallory found us hiding in the kitchen with the Gingerbread lady. She is our favorite person at the North Pole because she helps Mrs. Claus with the cookie baking.

Dear Santa,

Alex and Mallory have been pretty good kids this week. There have only been a few visits to the naughty step (3) and Mallory has cried quite a bit but we don't think it is all Alex's fault. There seems to be a little issue with biting here....the children keep biting their Mother but we think it is because she is so sweet. (we want to bite her too) Alex has been very loving to a couple of pretty young ladies that are friends of the Mother. He was seen giving them hugs over and over.....with a pretty big smile on his face. This behavior was observed at something called a playdate where we spied two more children to report on. We will send a separate report of Haylie and Sophie.

Poe is doing an excellent job and I think he is going to make a terrific magic elf!

Gumdrops and Lollipops,
Vincent & Poe

P.S. Thank you so much for the sleigh!


  1. You are the perfect mom, Connie!

  2. So fun! I wish we had done this this year. Maybe next year!

  3. That's so cute!
    Do you put them in a different spot every day and have the kids look for them?

  4. We want to live at your house!

    Rachel and Parker

  5. Those elves are so cute. I bet they get into so much mischief when noone's looking! Nice coffee maker too!

  6. I can imagine the excitement when the elves were discovered at the top of the tree. Very cute.

    Oh right - and I'm supposed to tell you - I tagged you for a meme last night. If it's not your thing, I won't be offended!

  7. How Cute! You are so creative! Keep the stories coming!

  8. that's so sweet...

    Speaking of sweet, there is a treat for you over at my place today! enjoy- Denise


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