Friday, December 19, 2008

Elfcapades ~ Playtime

Hello All...It's me Vincent again. Wow has week gone by fast! We have been very busy and you know what they say...busy is as busy does.

We were very, very, very excited for Saturday because that was the day of the big Tea Party and we were the only gentlemen invited. We had a lovely time visiting with Mallory, Kate and Haylie. They are very good girls.

On Sunday, we decided it was the perfect time to bring the Santa book to the children. This book explains all about us and Santa and where we come from. We were very excited to show them about our lives at the North Pole.

On Monday....we climbed out of our sleep sacks and took a train ride.

Tuesday, the children opened their letters from Santa and they were so happy to hear from him!

Wednesday was a great day! Poe and I found these building blocks and we built a little castle to play in. Alex was really excited to see what we had done and Mallory just destroyed it. She is still a baby and doesn't know what she is doing.

Yesterday....we just hung around.

Dear Santa,

We are happy to report that the Weiss children were very well behaved this week. We observed them playing together nicely, saying please when them want something and hugging and kissing each other. The boy wipes off the Mother's kisses but we checked the handbook and this appears to be normal behavior. We did catch them trying to clean the kitchen floor with strawberry milk. We are pretty sure they are not aware that strawberry milk is not an acceptable floor cleaner.

Poe is very excited for Saturday as the Nana and the Uncle Rob are arriving from Colorado. Poe is quite taken with the Nana and has asked permission to go to the airport with the Daddy to pick her up. I guess he has learned his lesson about running off willy nilly.

Please continue to keep these children on the NICE list.

Candy Canes and Tinsel,

Vincent and Poe

P.S. We are going to be very sad to go home....

And now....A special announcement from The Mother.
** ** **
This Santa Claus book is amazing. When it arrived from the North Pole I was so excited to read it because it fully explains Santa. My 2 year old was talking about it for days and learned all kinds of new words that I wouldn't have thought of. It truly reinforced the magic of reading.

Many of the pages have items to unfold or that slide out from the page....this page has a real letter from a little girl to Santa asking that her baby sister's missing lovely be found and returned so that she will be happy again.

I love this page. It explains about Santa traveling the world and there are two items that slide out...a map of his journey and Santa's year long journal! So cool! Probably the best $14 I have spent this year!

5 More Days Until Christmas!


  1. I love this post. From the adorably dressed baby at the top to the book that I now must buy at the bottom! Love it!!

  2. What a great time you all seem to be having this holiday. It is fun to peep in!

  3. What a cool book! Mallory looks so cute in her red Scottie dress!

  4. Hi Connie --

    Wow, your elves look like they are having a great time visiting! That book looks amazing. I am going to see if I can find one for our family. Thanks for the recommendation!


  5. What a neat book! What a wonderful little idea with the elves and all. How cool!

  6. Wow! I love the book! And the elves are are your children!! :)

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your little "elf tale" today. And their letter to Santa is so funny! Have a Merry Merry Christmas!
    www dot littlebellabean dot blogspot dot com

  8. You just made me feel really bad about me grinchy horrible week post today. I'm going to have to redeem myself. I always leave here with a little more Christmas spirit. Awesome.

  9. I will have to check out that book. The boys love reading and that would be a fun one.

  10. How sweet! Your kids must be angels to have such sweet elves in their lives!


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