Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Tea Party 2008

Yesterday, Mallory and I hosted our first annual Mother/Daughter Christmas Tea Party. I spent many weeks deciding on my menu and purchasing little items to make everything perfect.

Many, many years ago. I had a dear friend Adrienne that introduced me to the fabulous world of tea and tea parties. For Christmas one year, she gave me my very first antique tea pot, cup, saucer and plate. It is a cherished possession of mine. Adrienne made such an impact on my life and she now owns The Canterbury Tea Room in Greeley Colorado.

Ever since then, I have wanted to host my very own tea party.

The Menu....

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, cut into triangles
Pineapple-Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches, cut into rectangles
Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam
Spritz Cookies
Whipped Shortbread Cookie
Cherry Tassies

Earl Grey & Christmas Blend Tea from Adagio Teas
Apple Cider

I had hoped to serve Strawberries filled with cream but I couldn't find mascarpone cheese in all of Ogden. Next year....

The Swag!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix, cookies from the tea party, a Curly Wurly candy bar, The Christmas Box book by Richard Paul Evans and a cookie cutter...all in a beautiful red felt bag!

My beautiful friends and their daughters!

I had so much fun planning and throwing this party! There was snow lightly falling outside and The Nutcracker playing in the background. I loved making this memory with my daughter and our friends and I am already thinking ahead to next year!


  1. I just love that you did this, you did a great job putting everything together so wonderfully!

  2. OMG! How awesome!
    I've always wanted to have a tea party myself. I don't have a daughter though :(
    Wonder if I can get away with throwing one anyways? What do you think? I had Joe buy me a silver tea set a few years back and I've always planned on having one but never got around to it. You had such a perfect table setting. Everyone looks like they had a blast. See I tell you, you are just so creative! :)

  3. Great idea! And so well executed. One would think you've been having tea parties for years.

  4. This is the first time I've ever wished I lived in Utah...I would have crashed the tea party ;)

    And by crash, I mean, show up and politely invite myself inside (sans a daughter since, you know, we don't have any kids).

    Your pictures are wonderful! Great job :)

  5. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. You're so clever and creative!

  6. Oh my goodness Connie! Your tea looked so beautiful. You really went to a lot of effort. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! The picture of you with your daughter is so cute. I am glad it was a success. Thanks for posting pictures for us!

  7. that is so neat! What a great idea, I loved the pics...and I am a frequent shopper at Adagio myself...mmmmm

  8. What a fabulous idea! You really took the cake, or should i say crumpet :) It looks so dainty! I hope to one day have a daughter to have tea time with, as you know I LOVE TEA!

  9. I try to send a tea pot/tea cup gift to people I'm close to around Christmas time and put this poem on it:

    On Christmas Day
    At half past three
    make your self a cup of tea
    I'll think of you
    You think of me
    underneath the Christmas tree

  10. That is the perfect poem! So perfect because everytime I see that tea pot/cup...I think of my old friend.

  11. What a fantastic tradition. Love it. Could you plan my holidays for me next year?

  12. How fun. I wonder if I could do a version with my boys!!?? HA HA
    Mallory is too cute.

  13. How fun! I do a Cookie Exchange party every year so I know how much work goes into planning parties like this but WOW, yours looks like a LOT OF WORK and time went into it!

    Very cute blog--glad you found me on twitter! : )

    And I love your blog tagline!

    Happy Holidays!


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