Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I Need...according to Google

I discovered this awesome blog the other day called The Secret is in The Sauce. It's not a food blog but a blog that features totally awesome blogs of people that love comments! That blog is made for me. I love comments! But really who doesn't?

While I was hanging around checking out cool blogs, I found Julie and she had the funniest post! She googled Julie needs....and found all kinds of things she didn't know she needed.

Since I love to copy/borrow/steal great ideas I thought I would give it a try.

Connie needs a new home! If this home is outside of Utah, then yes...she does.

Connie needs to clean the restrooms. Okay. Yes, I might be a little behind....

Connie needs a tan! I am VERY white.

Connie needs new shoes! Always....

Connie needs to stick with doing whatever it is she does all day. Fine! Gosh!

Connie needs a heavy hand to find her ultimate release. That is a little personal don't you think?

Connie needs a lot more attention. I was feeling a little neglected....

And that was all the good stuff so I decided to see what Connie Wants...

Connie wants Europe to back off! Really? Is Europe following me?

Connie wants to be different. I think I am....

Connie wants to be on the telly. Oprah are you listening?

Connie wants to hear from you! I love comments....

What does Google think you need and want!

by the way...if you haven't this on your blog and then come tell me so I can read it and comment.


  1. Funny.

    Kristi needs to know exactly what time she is to be doing something...

    Kristi wants to be his girlfriend!
    OOOhhhhh is it Ty Penington or Edward Cullen, or Christian Slater, or...Oh yeah, I should stop now.

  2. How awesome!

    Yours were good. Mine are all sexual and inappropriate (thanks to Jessica Alba).

    Which of course means I posted all about it :)

    BTW, your header still cracks me up every time I see it.

  3. I loved that! I was especially tickled to learn that I needed a port-a-potty, a laptop, and a generator... that was all in one result. What the heck?

  4. That is so funny! I tried it and it was crazy, like Jennifer needs a mortician, Jennifer needs to give birth in the next week, Jennifer needs a big slap.

    Funny! You always come up with the best posts!

  5. OMG - too funny! I apparently need a cig (don't smoke but maybe I should start), a home (is there something DH needs to tell me?), a nap (AMEN!), to let players and fans know what is going on (huh? I don't hate the players just the game, right?), another nap (AMEN x2) and a vacation (yes - and a free one would be even better)......

  6. What a fun thing to do. I had to copy!
    Though Shanna Moakler popped up most often!

  7. so funny. I did this as well a few posts back. Google thinks Im a porn star apparently.

  8. I've done this before and it never works quite right for me. I just did it again before this comment... Google said: Chris NEEDS a "wee-wee". and Chris WANTS boobs. Neato.

  9. Katie needs...

    hula lessons (am I going to Hawaii?)

    your help (yes)

    to use the litter pan on her own (oh my)

    to work on her posture (very true)

    kisses (no thanks)

    healing vibes (I feel ok)

    a life...pretty much

  10. That is pretty funny. I'll have to try that one. I love the line about Europe following you!

  11. eeek, I read my first one and didn't go any further. Apparently, Monica needs more holes in her body. I really don't think so, I'm perfectly fine with the number of holes my body has!

  12. Too funny! I love SITS, too!! :)

    Off to see what I need...I'll blog about it!

  13. OMG! That's so funny!

    I like that Europe is following you! Finally, YOU have a stalker!

  14. I love it so much i decided to do this on my blog too :P ahhh, don't you miss naked Marky Mark?

  15. DUDE! I am so stealing this from you!! Thanks for the idea! And for stopping by yesterday!

  16. I need to do this! There are so many many things I need!!!

    Have you come across Jen at The Steenky Bee yet? She is a Utah blogger as well...super cool and fun!!

    PS: I am in love with the picture at the top of your page....looks like my house a few scant years ago!

  17. Great idea! I liked this a lot. This was too funny! I'm going to try it this weekend. ;)

  18. My first result, no lies:
    Cari needs to sleep. sleep, cari, sleep!

    This is the most true statement I could have found.

  19. Fun, I'll have to try it out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't think I've been here before. Glad to find you:-) I'm loving your banner photo. That is basically how most of my Christmas pictures turned out. LOL!!

  20. This was so fun. I had to go give it a try immediately. Even worked for my husband Stefan (who apparently wants to be a Microsoft intern) which I didn't quite expect. Thanks for sharing the idea and the laugh :)

  21. Tiffiney needs to clean her house instead of writing and reading post! :)

  22. SOOO i just saw this a year later! I will bring it back to life!


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