Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Home Tour 2008

I really dropped the ball. I was so excited to participate in the Christmas Tour of Homes and then after my tea party...I just fell apart for a couple days. But I have had a couple days to rest and now I'm ready to carry on!

Our family room is the heart of our home. It is where we spend the most time and is where the toys are....
I love our mantle....this is were our Jim Shore Nativity lives and is my absolute favorite decoration. Every year we collect a new piece.

One of our favorite additions this year is our Advent Box. Every morning after breakfast, the kids' remind me that they get their Cannie!

I just love the vinyl cling that I bought this year and I'm going to leave it up year round.

Our tree...needs a lot of work but the kids keep taking the ornaments off. Maybe next year...

Another favorite this year...our Elves (Pincent and Poe) and our Santa book. We are also displaying favorite pictures from last Christmas.

Thanks for coming by!


  1. I love your vinyl cling too! Thanks for stopping by my tour!

  2. Everything is so festive and pretty! Thank you for the tour of your home.

  3. I love all your decorations...and the wall sayings...I LOVE Them...I put up three...cause I couldn't decide on one...

  4. Loved the tour! Merry Christmas :)

  5. I loved those clings too! I have them bookmarked. I'm going to order some soon.
    Your tree is pretty just like that. It's so full, is it a real tree?

  6. Our tree is fake....I hate needles. I spray evergreen spray and use Yankee Candle Mistletoe candles to fake a real tree.

  7. I like your Santa Book. Very festive. I always save the cards and pictures I receive in a new photo album every year, but they sit on the bookshelf unnoticed. I should probably make them more noticeable.

  8. P.S. I love the title of your blog and the photo in your banner of your kids. Precious!

  9. Oh, your home looks lovely. I love holiday decorations!!

    Where did you get the vinyl cling words??

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my WW post. Honey bunny was thrilled to be able to donate her hair and she tells people about all the time.

    Thanks for sharing,

  10. My clings came from Sticky Graffiti.

  11. Your home is so pretty and I love the vinyl cling! Thanks for showing us around!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Your house looks beautiful Connie! It's so fun to go and see everyone's ideas. I love your vinyl -- so cute. I hope everything is going well for you!


  13. i'm a huge fan of vinyl. a lady who lives near me does vinyl and i'm determined to put them up all over my house...

  14. How comfy!

    I really like the vinyl clingies!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Everything looks lovely and inviting! If I lived closer I'll drop by and give you a bottle of bubbly!

    Is it snowing up there? It's snowing like CRAZY down here. I'm waiting for the youngest boy to wake up so I can go out and shovel. Ugh.

  16. those vinyl clings rock!

    beautiful ... where did you get them?

    so... your letter ... hmmmmm.

  17. I love your vinyl cling and decorations, but my favorite thing is the picture at the top of your blog! I am a huge fan of getting pictures of the kiddos at their "real" moments. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing your home and I also checked out your other site with all the recipies ... YUMM-O! Merry Christmas!

  18. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Merry Christmas!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!