Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door Decoration

It's Tuesday!  I'm listening to my My Sharona and biting my lower lip.  It's also time for me to chat with Impulsive and Shawn for Talk To Us Tuesday.  I will be hugging these ladies necks in.....16 Days!

Yesterday, I showed you my gifts for the staff at my son's school.  They were a HUGE hit!  I'm such a sap that I almost started crying when my little boy was giving his gift to his Principal.  We are so blessed to have a fantastic, tender hearted Mom leading our school.  She makes the kids feel like a million dollars! 

As we were walking to his teachers' classrooms I did start to cry.  His Kindergarten teacher is a young woman and she's been out for a month on medical leave.  This was supposed to be her first day back and I was anxious to see her. 

Erick loves her and has missed her terribly. 

She wasn't there.  Instead, a young man that looked like he was about to head into the lions den.  I supposed the prospect of teaching twenty 5 and 6 year olds will do that to you.

This stopped my tears immediately, but they would return later when I found out that our teacher is not coming back this year and won't be teaching Mallory next year. 

So, I was equally bummed to realize that she wouldn't see what my friends and I had done to her door.

I need to take a minute to tell you about these ladies.  I had hoped that I'd make some Mommy friends this year, in fact, I'd prayed that I would.

God just loves to answer my prayers because these gals right here are the best!  They are crafty and overachieving just like me and I think in a few years we'll be running that school. 

This is what we came up with for the door.

What do you think?


  1. I love it!!! I think you should send the teacher pictures of her door since she won't be returning. I'm sure she'd love to see all the thought and hard work ya'll put into it!

  2. Very, very cute. Sorry about Erik's teacher.

  3. So cute! Can you take a picture and send it to her?? You should!

  4. I'm so sad that his teacher won't be back! It's not every day you get a really good one that you're attached to like that.

    Glad God answered your prayers and you met some awesome mommy friends!!

    The door is adorable!! I'm sure if Ms. Miller could see it, she'd love it!

  5. The door is just perfect!! Awesome! Too bad his teacher didn't get to see it, I'm sure she would've loved it!!

  6. That looks so great, Connie! But how come she won't be coming back? Did that Mean Lady really get her pushed out?

  7. That is so so cute! And I am so sorry his teacher wasn't able to see it. And yes, why won't she be coming back??

  8. I saw this on instagram (I think) and I love it! You girls did a great job! I'm glad you've made some friends this year. That's awesome. So what's wrong with his teacher? I'm just being nosey.

    I can't wait to see you in 16 days!!!!

  9. Oh such a cute door you decorated. Hopefully someone sends her photos so she can see what you did?!?!

  10. What a wonderful door! I think someone should send her a copy of the picture of her door. Maybe make a card with it and have all the kids sign it and then get the school to mail it to her home. I bet it would cheer her up.

  11. Aww! I hope there are mom's like you guys at my sons school when he finally gets to go!

    Cute cute door..so sad the teacher won't be seeing it!! I would be like you tears all over the place. I'm not made for that emotional crap.

  12. The door turned out great and I would definitely take a pic for that super teacher!

  13. Wow! It looks AMAZING. I am so sorry she didn't get to see it in person and that she won't be back :( I hope she is okay!!

  14. I think my kids teachers better never read this post because there is no way in hell I will ever get my ass out of bed to do this.

    Great job. I love the penis petals.


    sorry about the teacher..but remember..God answers prayers...so just pray for that teacher, and ask God to send your kids an even greater one!

    or homeschool. you'd be awesome. only you'd have to decorate your own door.

  15. This turned out soooo great! I'm sure that this teacher knows how important she is & that everyone misses her.

  16. The door looks fantastic! Both kids in school next year....wow!

  17. I love your door decorations! This is the first year in 11 years that I have not had anything to do during teacher appreciate week and I will admit that I'm not at all bothered by it. The door decorating at our school was a huge competition, I out did myself a year or two and from then on was competing against not only myself but the rest of the school The pressure made me drink!

    What a bummer about the teacher, I hope she's ok, it sounds serious.

    I knew you would make great friends, school is good for the parents too!


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