Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Martha Stewart of Kindergarten

Hey friends! I can't believe it's Tuesday. I've been sick since Thursday afternoon and lost all track of time. I'm linking up with my friends Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn for Talk To Us Tuesday because I need to get this massive To-Do list off from my chest and I need some cheerleaders to get me through it.

First of all. Kindergarten is killing my family! Alex and I have both been sick for 6 days. He is finally going back to school today and I feel a little more human. We missed a friend's 6th birthday party and iKeith's Christmas party at the Denver Art Museum. Although...I think Keith isn't too upset about that because he can't take me anywhere without into some trouble. I think the party was probably pretty boring without me there.

The Kindergarten Holiday Party (but not a CHRISTMAS party) is on Friday.  I somehow volunteered to do the following.

  • Purchase goodie bags
  • Make cookies and frosting for the kids to decorate
  • Make homemade Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate Balls for the goodie bag
  • Photograph the party
I've been trying out recipes for weeks and sharing the results with the ladies on the party committee which earned me the label..... 

The Martha Stewart of Kindergarten.  

You know I love it! 

 I've got a few things done on my to-do list which I will include on this list and then immediately cross off because DAMN IT THAT FEELS GOOD!

  • Make cookie dough
  • Make Hot Chocolate Balls
  • Make Marshmallows
  • Make Cookies
  • Make Frosting and frost 15 cookies
  • Wrap book for party
  • Get gifts for teachers and deliver them
  • Assemble Marshmallow/Balls for goodies bags
  • Deliver goodie bags and balls to Susan
  • Mail packages
  • Drink a bottle(s) of wine that my parents sent
  • Attend PTA meeting
As if this all isn't enough for me to do......I am also taking care of Robert's cat every day for the rest of the month, because he had to fire his housekeeper because she borrowed his Keurig while he was out of town. 

I think I should open the wine now.


  1. I'm feeling a little stressed just reading your list! But you can do it. You're super mom! Or at the very least, Martha Stewart. And let's face it, there's not a lot she can't do. Good luck!!! The party's gonna go great!

  2. Get it Martha! and I would have totally opened the wine four tasks ago ;)

  3. That is some list. I agree, open the wine now.

  4. Hmph! I see no where on that list that it says, "Buy Amy a Christmas present"!! I am highly thinking of defriending you on blogger!! ;)

    Just put some pep in your step, girl. You got this!!

  5. I'm right there with you! Only we have 26 kids in my son's kindergarten class. I am making sugar cookies for them to decorate at the party, making 26 bags of reindeer food, teaching a Jr Acheivement class at the school this week, assembling my part of the craft they are making...on and on! I have teacher gifts bought and wrapped but am making upteen loaves of banana bread tonight as gifts for office staff, cleaning staff....on and on. Book is purchased and wrapped! Shew! And I don't even have a bottle of wine!

  6. Definitely open the wine! haha!
    You'll get 'er all done, no worries. But the wine will definitely (or maybe not?) help. :)

  7. You are what teachers love! You're going to rock that holiday party!

  8. Fired the housekeeper for borrowing the Keurig? And now you are having to watch the cat b/c of this? am I missing something? Was the house keeper the keeper of the cat? Maybe I'm ill... I hope you are able to bust a move with your to-do list... i'm still trying to cross crap off my summer to do list-- probably why I am lacking any Christmas gifts under the tree or purchased any... Ra RA RA!

  9. Ok, I'm trying to leave another comment. Blogger better not mess with me today. I'm feeling feisty.

    I'm sorry that you've been sick.

    You've got a lot to do on your to-do list. I know you love making homemade marshmallows but maybe just for the sake of crossing things off lists, you could just BUY them! Nobody will even know.

    Robert had a housekeeper?

    Thanks for the linky love, LOVIE!

  10. Hi, new follower via "Talk to us Tuesday"


  11. Make marshmallows! Holy cow you are a Martha Stewart!

    We have just been cycling sick here for about a month- I am so so over it.

    Oh and this is totally random but I read your post about your home teacher guy- the one that brought you the grape juice-- I told that to my husband and we are both baffled and want to kick that guy where it counts as he is an idiot.
    No wonder you have negative associations with Utah Mormons. Sorry.

  12. The Martha Stewart of Kindergarten! I LOVE IT!! What a perfect title for you! I always make the sugar cookies for the kids' holiday parties (I have the perfect recipe for cookies that taste GREAT and hold up well for decorating). BUT I don't make my own frosting for them! I figure the kids would never appreciate the time and effort ... so I just buy the store bought frosting ... dye some of it and put it in the squeeze bottles ... lots of sprinkles, etc. DONE.

  13. I always start my lists off with: Make a list.
    That way I can cross it off right away. I love it.
    You volunteered to do too much. I'm a loser who only volunteers the bare necessities.

  14. That is some list that deserves a lot of wine!

  15. The Martha Stewart of Kindergarten is QUITE the title and I can't think of anyone better to carry it!

    I've been trying to plan something for work for the Friday before Christmas as our kids have the day off from school and we need to have a program for them. I'm afraid to do anything Christmas-y because I don't want to offend people who don't celebrate, so I'm trying to come up with generic holiday crap...isn't that sad?? Sounds like you've totally got it under control, even if you rely on wine to get you through. :)

  16. I'm tired for you!

    I love that you're a list maker too. Do you write things down that you did that weren't on the list and then cross them off? If I'm following a list and vary from it I'm writing that crap down!

    Takes lots of Vitamin C, those little snotty nose kids are germ carrying warriors!

    Thanks for linking up and feel better soon!

  17. Suddenly my To Do list seems a little more manageable...whew!

  18. 1. Start with the wine...always, ALWAYS, star with the wine.
    2. Thanks alot...I just read the hot chocolate ball recipe and now I have another item on MY to-do list. :)

  19. That is a pretty impressive title, but one I'm sure you can live up too. Have fun.

  20. That is quite the list...you are the Martha of K. Hope you guys are feeling better!


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