Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Transformation into Mrs. Weiss

iKeith took two days off from work so that he could be the stay at home parent while I my son's school.

Today,  I stuffed folders and helped with a math lesson.  If you saw my Five Things list earlier, then you know that I don't know nothing about math.  Luckily, the lesson was about estimation.

I can guess at just about anything which is why I also don't know nothing about preventing pregnancy.

Tomorrow....I'm chaperoning my son's Kindergarten class while we go on a field trip.

That means tonight I'm doing the following:

  • Packing a totally disposable sack lunch per the directions sent to me from the teacher.
  • Committing the itinerary to memory. 
  • Emailing the parents of the 3 other kids besides my own that I'm in charge of to color coordinate outfits.
  • Printing maps of the exhibit so that I know where the bathrooms are.
  • Putting the Denver Police phone number into my phone in case I lose someone.
  • Trying to figure out how I'm going to survive for 5 hours without coffee.
  • Packing tissues into my bag in case someone cries.
  • Packing anti-bacterial wipes in my bag in case someone touches something gross.
  • Planning my best outfit that is field trip appropriate and yet warm enough for 30 degree temperatures.
  • Getting used to people calling me Mrs. Weiss.

Pray for me.....


  1. You better the teachers cell phone number and pack some band aids. Two things I needed when I chaperoned. I also don't do math. My sons 5th grade class is looking for volunteers to help during math. I said I would help but let them know I was awful with math. Have fun. Take some coffee with you in your backpack.

  2. Bandaids are definitely a good thing to have! My kids' teachers have usually handed us a small baggie of them (along with antibacterial gel) but in case your school doesn't do so, it's definitely a good idea!

    And I LOVE that your hubby has taken off work so you can volunteer! I tried to get my hubby to do so ... yeah ... didn't go over so well! :o)

    Have fun on the field trip!! Color-coordinating outfits ... sooo smart!

  3. Dear Mrs. Weiss,

    You are amazing!

  4. so cute! you can totally take a flask, right? booze is cool at school I think... ;)

  5. Now I feel like a freak for just flying by the seat of my pants on those things. You are prepared for anything over there....Mrs. Weiss.

  6. Someone suggested band-aids...good idea.

    Do you think iKeith is going to photograph his day with M? And then blog about it? And write really funny things along the way? WELL WHY THE HELL NOT?!

  7. I hope you have an awesome time! My mom always went along on field trips with me and it really meant a lot to me- so all of the craziness that may happen is totally worth it.

  8. All of Big Girl's friends call me Ms. Jennifer. You could get them to call you Ms. Connie if you wanted.

    Good luck!

  9. Coolest Mom in the whole group no doubt! You should have packed a 5 hr energy drink or something... I have to do that just to handle my own kiddos much less any one elses!! agh!!

  10. You crack me up!! I wish we had dedicated field trip chaperones when I taught school :) Hope you had fun!

  11. I bet it was the awesomest trip ever!

  12. I sure hope whatever you wore didn't clash with your SuperMom cape! =)
    Give Keith a hug for me and all the other moms who's husbands (my first, NOT Bill) who aren't as helpful so we can/could do things with the kids at school. You both are rockin parents.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!