Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza: Week 2

Are you ready for April, May and June? 

I'm linking up with all of these fabulous gals for a Review Extravaganza!  




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    1. Squirrel!!! Man. We have a ginormous squirrel using our fence line as a super highway.
      That thing runs back and forth twenty million times a day!!!
      I always think of you...

    2. That squirrel story cracked me up!! Going to read more of those links now...

    3. the squirrel story is my favorite!!

    4. Okay I am way behind on reading blogs- but I will be back as I want to read almost every link you left! I know the linky isn't open yet, but recorded your point already :)

      Thanks for linking up again.

    5. I had to go back and re-read some of these for entertainment purposes.

      You are the QUEEN of doing this link up business. I need to take notes from you. You made it look short, sweet and EASY. I took me forever to do mine! Those 3 months were obviously my busiest.

      I can't wait for the Bachelor to start. I'm not a huge Ben fan but I really really really want you to do your game again. JK is the one that introduced me to you through your Bachelor game!!!

    6. OH! I wish I'd had a friend to Skype with during the Royal Wedding! That definitely would've enhanced the experience!! (And I also really wish I'd had a fascinator to wear too!)

    7. That is an awesome cake!!
      And, holy cow that is scary about those steps!!
      Thanks for linking up with us :)

    8. The squirrel story is just to funny!
      That cake is amazing!

    9. It is such a good thing that little kids seem to bounce so well when they do those inevitable tumbles.
      Squirrels!? In the house?! Funny, but not so good.

    10. So THIS is where the hatred of all things squirrel began!!! :o)

    11. My husband met Emily Maynard in the elevator of the children's hospital. He was brave enough to strike up a might have eclipsed the day we got married as his best day ever...he was smitten. I'm still bummed about her and Brad. Does that make me a loser?

    12. I've enjoyed reading you posts! I've been attempting to give up the Bachelor, but it keeps luring me in.

      And I love the sign you made for you summer fun list--I need to do something like that next year!

    13. Ok, I've read a lot of these reviews, but I don't think anybody has the adventures you do!

    14. Squirrel! (ok I couldn't help myself. We watch "up" aroun here a lot)

      I still can't figure out why I cut my hair, but then I rememeber that I had to or I wouldn't have survived the end of the summer, especially bc I was pregnant and grumpy about the beat extra.

    15. **heat** not beat:)

      Thanks for linking up again!

    16. I think this is when I started to read your blog.... when the squirrels were the topic of convo....
      Amber got pay back when I forced her to watch Big Brother this past summer!


    I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!