Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elfcapades: A Very Lego Christmas


It's that time of year again!


This year's theme is a Very Lego Christmas.  I should have warned all of you to buy stock in LEGO.  It's like we have a disease that makes us crave them.  And I can't believe that I've been afflicted too.  I dream about LEGO Christmas Villages.

Poe and Vincent arrived crash landed on Thursday December 1st.  We were anxiously awaiting their arrival!
Barbie was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
On the second day of Elfcapades, Vincent and Poe tried to make Hot Chocolate.  Good thing they didn't know that the fabulous Hot Chocolate Balls that I found on pinterest where in the freezer!

Mommy's K Cups are off limits!

They also told us that we should go buy a Christmas tree.

the tree is bigger than it appears.....
The next day....the elves brought us a brand new Wii game.  It's something about Mickey Mouse painting.

Everyone except for Mallory was excited to see that the elves brought brand new Christmas Jammies! 

The next day....was a sad, sad day.  The Weiss Children were very, very naughty.  There was an incident involving every single wash cloth in our apartment.  There has only been one other time that the elves had to return to the North Pole and the perp was the same.

The kids wrote Santa letters of apology and the elves took them home with them.

Lucky for them....Santa is forgiving and let them come back after a day.


The elves didn't waste any time finding more shenanigans.  They took the kids' underwear out of their drawers and attached them to the tree!

I really love how excited the kids are about Christmas this year!  We love our Elfcapades!

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  1. I keep forgetting to move ours. This morning after I buckled the kids in the car I did the whole, "oops I forgot something," and ran in the house and moved him so he would be in a different spot when they got home.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is hilarious!! Undies on the tree!!! :o)

    Okay, since you are a lego expert...Lexie has been asking for LEGO people. Not necessarily the legos, themselves, just the people. Do they sell just the people, or do I need to buy a set to get them?

  3. Hilarious!!!! Love it!

  4. we are starting elf on the shelf today!

  5. I love how naughty your elves are!! Seriously. Little brats!

  6. Poor Mallory gets blamed for everything ;) LOVE that V & P decided to hang undies from the tree, what did the kids think of that?? Has Santa been forgiving?

    Thanks so much for linking up, Connie!

  7. We JUST started this elf thing...and my 4 year old totally doesn't buy it! She insists that I have moved the little bugger. Apparently I haven't talked up the whole magic of Christmas thing enough...

  8. I love moving our elf- after a glass of wine he finds some creative places ;)

  9. I think these elf things are too cute. I wish I had done these with my boys, they would have loved it, and let's face it, so would I.
    My faves are the Keurig mishap and the undies on the tree, made me crack up!


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