Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come What May

Over the weekend iKeith lost his wedding ring.

He's really upset and we've looked everywhere for it.  We even looked at Robert's house because we spent some time there on Saturday.

We can't find it anywhere.  

I told Keith not to worry, I'm sure it will turn up.  For some reason, I strongly felt like it wasn't really lost.

Last night, as I was falling asleep.....I prayed.  I prayed for a gal name Lo, that I'd just seen on the news who accidentally walked into the propeller of an airplane in Plano Texas. As I always do....I ended by thanking God for all of the blessings in my life.

This morning when I woke up, reached for my iPhone and hit the home button to check the time like I do every morning.  It was 5:43am.

I laid my head back down and a few moments later, I started to hear music.

I thought iKeith's alarm must be going off for some crazy reason and I recognized the song.  Come What May....which is OUR song and the inscription on the inside of Keith's ring.

Then I realized that it was coming from MY phone.

I picked it up and noticed it said the Taylor Swift playlist was playing.  But Come What May was the song playing and it is NOT in that playlist.

I also haven't listened to music on my phone in weeks.

I got goosebumps up my spine!  Was Jesus sending me a sign? 

There is really NO OTHER explanation for it.


  1. My husband lost his wedding ring right before he lost his job - he thinks it is still in that warehouse somewhere. It makes me sad to look at his hand and it not be there. Now, we don't have the opportunity to even look for it in the warehouse anymore. :(

    I hope you find Keith's soon!

  2. Very cool! I bet you find that ring soon!

    Mr. Coffee lost his wedding ring one day. We searched the entire backyard (where he had spent all day raking) to no avail. It was getting dark so we stopped and prayed about it. When we opened our eyes after praying, I saw something shiny right on top of his shoe. It was his ring.

  3. I totally believe that was a sign. We need to keep our eyes open for those little signs and messages...

    Last year, between Christmas & New Years, I had been out doing some shopping, and on the way home, I couldn't stop thinking of my cousin Troy who passed away that Summer. I had my iPod playing in the car, and I was crying thinking about him. I happened to pick up the iPod and change the song that was playing, then toss it down on my passenger seat. When it did, it automatically shuffled to a different song - The Coconut Song, which is a silly family tradition of ours and we sing it over and over on Christmas Eve. I burst out laughing - I didn't even know I had the song on my iPod, I had never listened to it before. I could almost feel Troy sitting there, saying, "Alright, that's enough of the tears, kid! Let's have some fun!"

    So yes...I definitely think it was a sign. :)

  4. I believe that God throws signs in our face DAILY...ALL DAY LONG. We are just usually too blind to notice.
    SO happy you were gently reminded :-)

    I really like that

    Nick lost his wedding ring on Manhattan Beach at sundown.
    TWO DAYS LATER...with a metal detector, after hours, just before giving up, he did one final sweep.

    Ring is on his finger :-)

  5. SHUT IT, Connie!! That just gave me a serious case of goosebumps! *shivers* I think Jesus is definitely speaking to you through your iPhone. Not sure what the exact message is, but He is for sure.

    Maybe that a ring isn't what's important and it's not what binds you playing your song, you remember what's really important? I'm sure the ring will turn up though.

  6. Omg! Are you being serious? I want Jesus to talk to me!! So I'm thinking that the ring is still around somewhere. Maybe the next message will be a hint. Keep your eyes and ears open. I hope you find it.

    Ann nd...

    JK is out commenting today!!! It's another sign from God!!! N

  7. I totally believe it was a sign from God.
    Im sure his ring will turn up soon.

  8. Could you ask your phone where my iPad charger is please?

  9. Definitely a sign! I hope you guys find his ring soon.

  10. Wow, that is wonderful....gave me goose bumps!!

  11. wow! that is crazy. did you end up finding the ring?

    that song is beautiful. love it. xoxo

  12. Woah. I definitely believe in signs and that one was for you, for sure. I agree with Jenny Kate. I think it was God reminding you that that ring may symbolize your marriage, but it's just a symbol. Your union together is way more than that. I still hope you find the ring, but if you don't, you've still got iKeith. :o)

  13. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  14. that's crazy! praying he finds it!! and for Lo- she was a friend of many people I went to Baylor with, such a tragedy.

  15. You know I do not believe in luck, chance or coincidence just God. He's pretty clever, that guy!

    Come What May, finding the old ring, buying a new one, getting a tattoo on that finger like I did or wearing a bread twisty tie, God knows you're married and he's telling you chill Connie, I've got this....

  16. that is pretty crazy-- you just have to listen to your heart sometimes and that's when you can identify when you are truly believing!
    On a lighter note, I lost our remote control for our living room and prayed really hard to find it and all of a sudden, within a day or so, I found it. Tell Keith to pray too.. I told Erik to pray about the remote but not sure if he did-- double prayers help, especially when you believe! Sorry, I just finished watching the Polar Express 2x in 12 hours.. Believe is burned into my brain right now.

  17. I love stories like this :) Goosebumps!


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