Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza: Week 3

Are you ready for July, August and September?

I'm celebrating my blog with a recap every Friday hosted by a bunch of lovely ladies! I'm afraid the posts for this time period are slim because I deleted about 20 posts because some trolls where terrorizing me. Sad.




 I hope you enjoyed my recap and if you liked what you saw...become a subscriber!


  1. Ah, I remember it like it was 3 months ago. :)

  2. I remember these!!!! But what in the world would someone have to say about school supplies and PTA moms that would make you need to delete the posts?!?! Little party poopers.

  3. That deer picture will forever be the best picture, in a weird disgusting kind of way :). And your McDonalds post- one time at Subway we wanted to get Lucas a pop with he kids meal and they would not sell it! Eric was livid and it was a long time before we went to subway again

  4. Oh and I have your point recorded :)

  5. We celebrated 7 years this year, too!

    And I don't remember the PTO post, did you have to delete it so you would be allowed back at meetings? Are you in PTO Witness Protection?

  6. I remembered most of these {but I had to click on a few links for good measure}. You are just as hot now as you were back in 86!

    Remind me why you had to delete the school related posts?

  7. It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close. Maybe next year I will plan early! Maybe. I am on Pinterest and even used an idea for a gift!!!! I am very excited about it. :D

    I totally would have hit the target by hand too. I think you were robbed.

  8. Your posts are making me laugh tonight. Just coming from the deer post--sorta sweet they are so close. And I long to be mistaken for hot nanny.

    Sad you had to delete some posts!

  9. your posts make me smile. and I love that I've been following you long enough to remember all of these! side note: my goal in life? to be mistaken for a hot nanny!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!