Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: The Nut Sack

It's week three of Elfcapades and the Countdown to Christmas with Sugarplum Creations!

Can you believe that there are only 2 days until Christmas?

We are all feeling so much better and just in time for Winter Break!  18 days of togetherness!  

My husband even came home from work at 10:45am yesterday and announced that he's off from work until January 3rd.  I have to admit that he kind of scared the crap out of me because the last time he came home from work unannounced....I was 8 months pregnant and he had been laid off.

We celebrated his early holiday release (just from jail...from work) by going to see Chipwrecked!
It was pretty good.

Anyway....back Christmas.

Our week started off with the much anticipated Kindergarten Holiday Party.  I was very, very proud of my cookie decorating station. 

 The kids had a fabulous time and everything went very smoothly.  

Here is a little movie trailer of the party. 

We discovered that the elves are Bronco fans.

And they would probably like Santa to bring them some Apple products for Christmas.

They decorated cookies for us too.

One night we went to dinner and then drove around looking at Christmas Lights. 
This was our favorite house!

Yesterday was the annual 'filling of Daddy's Nut Sack'.

We've loaded up on cheese, crackers and salami and I'm in the process of making Gravlax.

Bring on Christmas!!


  1. Alex is quite the ladies man :) LOVED the trailer...I am obsessed with making those lately...made a few for Christmas for my family. Enjoy the holidays and I hope Keith likes his sack ;)

  2. You are all ready! How wonderful that you get some much QT together too...and tell those elves that I want Santa to bring me some Apple stuff too!! :)

  3. Okay, that was pretty much the greatest trailer ever :) Looks like a lot of fun. And your cookie decorating station was the best!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up. I'm glad you're feeling better, and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Awesome job on the trailer!!!!

    Husband and both kids home until the beginning of January? That is potentially super fun, or super annoying. It could go either way...

    Is that snow on the ground? How much snow do ya'll have right now?

  5. Aww-- I love to look at Christmas lights. Brings back so many memories for me! :)

    While I love having my hubby home, I don't know if I could handle extended periods of time! lol--- I have my daily routine. He would get in the way!! ;)

    Merry Christmas, girlie!

  6. LOVE the trailer! You guys are stinkin' adorable. LOVE Keith's nut sack. But not in a pervy way.

  7. I'm glad you are all feeling better now. Your cookie station was awesome!

  8. Loved the trailer! Isn't iMovie the best! Looks like a great party, and those elves are up to no good

  9. amazing trailer! you are so creative!! we are going to look at lights tonight- so excited!!

  10. Alex looks like quite the ladies man!!!

    I always loved doing the holiday parties when I was teaching preschool, they have so much fun.

    Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of my favorite holiday traditions!


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