Monday, March 15, 2010

Ladybug Party: The Invitations


If you ask my kids about their childhood when they are much older, I want them to say that it was magical. I want them to remember that I went all out on things and I tried to make their lives special. I want them to know through my actions and my words that I loved them.

I had the best time planning and making things for this Ladybug Party. I'm so thrilled that Mallory selected this theme because I fell in love with all things ladybug.  I've decided that every years theme will be our theme for the year....we will find more ladybug things and all of the items I made or bought for the party will now decorate her bedroom.

Needless to say, I believe that the party was a hit and if the smile on this little girl tells you's that she was completely happy and full of joy.

I'm still recooperating from the party, putting the house back together and waiting for the HGTV people to stop by today and tell me that I won the HGTV Dream Home in New Mexico so today I'm going to show you were it all started....The Invitations.

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I found something similar on Etsy and they were ridiculously expensive and you had to buy 10 and I only needed 4.  I knew that I could make these and it would be more special that way.  I also decorated the envelopes with a small ladybug from a Martha Stewart punch that I bought at Michael's with a 60% off coupon!  WOOT!

Come back tomorrow to see the party.....


  1. Holy cow! Those invitations are CUTE! That's a lot of work, she'll realize that one day and appreciate it. That picture of her is probably the cutest picture ever, such a great expression.

  2. Connie! What a cute theme. I love the invitations and can't wait to hear more about the party.

    My daughter Hayley's nickname since she was a baby was ladybug - so of course I love the idea. So cute!


  3. Your so crafty! And she looks adorable...I am officially planning my kidnapping of her now ;)

  4. Connie~ this is darling and I love love the ladybug invites, they turned out so cute! Your little one is a cute little bug too! ;)

  5. Oh my, that is just the cutest thing. Well, besides the birthday girl herself. :)

  6. Connie, those are darling! We love Ladybugs around here. I want my children to have a magical childhood too. Full of fun activities, memories, and love. They grow much too quickly, don'tcha know.

  7. Precious! I can't wait to see pictures of the party. So creative!

  8. so cute!!! I have mad love for dragonflies so I understand the obsession.

  9. Really cute invites and that picture of her is priceless. She looks so happy and excited. Love it!

  10. Oh My goodness Connie those were the cutest invitations EVER!!! And Mallory looked precious in that red and black polka dot dress and her smile really did say it all. Can't wait to see more pic's from the party! Again, I LOVE the ladybug invites, so fabulous!!!

  11. Oh.My.Gosh. She is adorable (like her mommy!) Those invitations are so sweet! I'm thinking Sarah may be having a lady bug party for #4. It's 6 months away so I should be able to pull that off :)

    I can't get over that big grin on her face!

  12. So, I'll be the 6th Jen/Jennifer to comment on your way cute party...

    Mallory looks like she could just about explode from cuteness and joy! She must have had a great time, and she will certainly enjoy looking at the pictures when she's older. Good job, Mommy!

    P.S. Cracker Barrel carried a ladybug fairy costume this past Halloween, so if you're looking for a dress-up costume for her, that's just a suggestion!

  13. Could she be any cuter??!?!?! What a great theme! Glad she had fun, what a great mommy you are!

  14. Oh, My! Her sweet little face just says it ALL!! I love the theme and your idea of carrying that theme through the year. Those invitations are adorable!! I love invitations because they really set the tone for the party. Can't wait to see more pics!

  15. You FOR SURE qualify for the Best Mom of the Decade award!!

    M is going to remember this party for years to come!

    When our kids get to the partying age, I'll be hitting you up for ideas :)

    And, Hubs was all excited when he thought that was your REAL address on the invite....until he actually read the addy. Then he was bummed (in a non-stalkerish way, of course).

    M looks SOOO Happy in that pic!


  16. Did your night owl hubby get it together to help out?

    I love her dress and the invitations are so cute - can't believe you MADE them!!

  17. Thank you! I thought they turned out great!

    I can't look at that picture of M without laughing and crying!

  18. So very cute! I did a ladybug theme in December when Layla turned 2 and it was so fun!

  19. Those are sooooo cute! I love that you made an invitation just for your blog audience :)

  20. Look how observant you are! Bobbi called me crazy for making an invite just to show on the blog....

    But that's how I roll!

  21. What a cute theme. I love the invitations and can't wait to hear more about the party.
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  22. Connie, those invitations are darling, and Mallory's outfit is so cute, I just want to eat her up.
    But, no, I don't think she like the party at all... just look at that face in the photo! DUH... will she EVER stop smiling?
    You have NO worries that your children will have THE BEST memories of their childhood and that their mom did everything to MAKE it the best.
    BTW, you look FANTASTIC!!


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