Monday, March 1, 2010

Focus on the Family: March 2010

We did great with our plan last month!  I'm loving how this is helping us stay connected and making sure we do everything we can to make the month great.  I just need to spend more time reading....

The kids loved our holiday breakfast for Valentine's Day and decorating the house was fun too.  I'm looking forward to Easter and I need to come up with some fun things to do...I think they will really love searching for eggs this year.

Family Time....quality time together.
  • Family Outings (bookstore, movie, bowling)
  • Read more books
  • Celebrate St. Patrick's Day (crafts, stories, songs)
  • Decorate the house for Spring (and Mallory's party) on March 12th 
  • Bake something together 
  • Read Your Child's Strengths 

Kid and preschool.
  • Mallory's Birthday Party! 
  • Play date with friends
  • Visit the library Get a library card 
  • Puzzles
  • Incorporate new routine
Me Time....cuz if Mama ain't happy....
  •  Night Out with friends
  •  Read Love, Loss and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman
  •  2010 Simple Living Book Club
Couple Time....all because two people fell in love.
  • Thursday Night Movie/TV night (No World of Warcraft allowed)
  • Date Night....March 5th  
  • Oscar Party at Sara and Mike's House

Home's where the heart is.
  • Clean and Organize Master Bedroom/Bathroom
  • Finish planning Mallory's birthday party

I am thankful this month for hope.  I am really believing that God has a plan for us and it's going to be fabulous.  I believe that a bigger and better opportunity is right around the corner for us and I can't wait to be able to share it with all of you!  Soon....

What plans are you making for the month? Stay on track! Write a post with your goals for the month and link up.


  1. Great post! Your goals are right on for the family. I am reading a lot more these days...and really enjoying it. I"m also into books on tape. Working on my oil painting and volunteering at the hospital are both on my list this month. Can you tell my children are grown up and away? I really miss them!

  2. I need to be more proactive and get a plan together! I like this idea. How did you like "The Hurt Locker" and the other 2 movies you saw the in theater? :)

  3. Wonderful Connie!

    I love these posts. Great things that you have planned. I am praying that something wonderful is coming up for you guys! I know it is!


  4. Ooh la la - look at your Skinny Minny new picture! You looook fabulous, Dahling. Everything is coming together for you. This is your year, Girlfriend!

  5. I can't see past your Batchelor recap tomorrow. This show is killing me!!

  6. I can't see past your Batchelor recap tomorrow. This show is killing me!!

  7. First of all, Thank you so much for starting this project, it has truly changed our lives :) It is so nice to spend time at the end of each month reflecting upon what we accomplished and planning what I hope to do for the next month. It has helped to make our precious time together so much better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    I love your plan for this month. I can't wait to hear all about Mallory's birthday party. The planning is always the best part for me :)


  8. This is a pretty amazing project. Thanks for reminding me to find the joy.

  9. I love that you've set these goals! We should all do this. Thanks!

  10. Oh how I LAUGHED at the "no WoW allowed" comment. My hubby and I actually met on WoW. I quit for awhile but he asked me to play again so I do a few hours a week. I keep it very limited. And yes, we plan date nights specifically AWAY from the computers. Our WoW time together is fun & something to do together but we have to bond without screens.

  11. I think this is a fantastic series you are doing. I love how your whole family is progressing and think the best part is your making sure that you and Calvin are spending time together. This is great for not only the two of you, but it sets a great example for the kids.
    My kids always teased Bill & I for being all "smoochie", as they used to call it, but they always would tell their friends that they knew how much their mom & step-dad loved each other and that they wanted that kind of marriage. THAT makes me feel terrific.
    You are doing a wonderful job as a mom and wife.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!