Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shenanigans and a Steady Routine

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day?  We did and I have to credit my new friend Christina with planting an idea in my head on facebook.  She posted about her child's class at school getting locked out of their classroom by a Leprechaun and some other shenanigansMy first thought was...that sounds like fun but I don't have the energy to do anything.  Then I remembered that I'm the Magical Mom and I spent 10 minutes stringing green crepe paper around the kitchen and the bathroom and I squirted some green food coloring in a couple glasses and in the toilet bowl.  That's all it took...10 minutes to make magic!

Mallory was so mad at those Leprechauns for turning her milk green but she quickly got over it and I had to spend the rest of the day summoning Leprechauns to make more green milk.  Alex scoured the house looking for more 'Anagans' and kept finding things he thought the Leprechauns had done.  This took up a good hour of time! YAY!

Christina shared this bit of wisdom that she has printed out and displayed in her kitchen.

Make today special.  This is their only childhood!

I'm starting to implement some of the ideas from the Steady Days book. I worked up a routine that includes free play, reading and play time with me, baking, crafts and walks. There is also a morning for a playdate with our friends and one for running errands. When I decided my kids needed more of a routine and a set schedule...I arrived at the conclusion that I did too.  On my schedule are showering and set times for laundry and cleaning.  On Friday's I will only be on the computer in the morning and then I'll shut it down and will spend the afternoon drinking wine tea and reading.

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I'm sure that I'll be tweaking this routine as summer arrives and the kids want to spend all of their time outside and there are more activities to do.  I've become aware of how little time is left before the kids are in school and my time with them is cut in half.  I need to make the most of it.

EASTER is you have any plans?


  1. I LOVE that idea! I've got a few teachers in my family and they were talking about this on FB too... mommy is so not that creative, though, Green shirts was about as good as it got in our household!! And I forgot to put mine on! LOL! Got called out on it by my 3 year old, considering I'm the one who made it such a priority!

    As for Easter, no big pplans yet... but I'm thinking on it. Got any ideas Ms. guru of fun?! ; )

  2. Oh you rock!

    How I wish that I could follow a schedule...any kind of schedule. I would always be looking at what I should be doing and then berating myself for not doing it.

    I generally suck at schedules.

  3. One of the great things about my kids being in daycare is the schedule. I just try to follow the same thing at home on the weekends. It makes my life (and theirs) so much easier.

    I have NO plans for Easter yet. Ugh. It feels like it is coming so fast this year. I don't have Easter clothes or anything. I have no idea what we are going to do.

  4. I need to get a routine down since I am off all summer and home with Merrick!

  5. We had green oatmeal, keylime yogurt, and green milk for breakfast before he went off to school yesterday! Great fun! :o) I love the schedule. I need to come up with something like that for summer when he's not in school in the mornings.

  6. I think a routine is essential for mamas sanity! I have gotten off of mine lately and its making me nutty! Next week though since my hubs is going to be working out of state I have to get back on my routine to survive!

  7. Good idea Connie! Routine is a good thing!

    It sounds like your kids had a fun time yesterday! Ella made a trap and tried to catch a Leprechaun last night. He left her a note and a little gift this morning :)


  8. Agh! I totally forgot to serve green milk at dinner last night!!!

    I love the leprechaun idea, I will have to remember that next year.

  9. Wow! What a great idea for the schedule. I've been saying for a long time that I should do one, and now, I feel I must do one! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Okay, I LOVE Mallory's face in that pic! So cute!

    My kids were sooo excited about the magical leprachaun that visited our house! He must have snuck in through the window while we were outside waiting for my son's bus to arrive (they get home w/in 10 minutes of each other). The leprechaun left small green footprints, "magic dust" (glitter), and small gifts and candy from the window down to the playroom. He made a mess of some books but left with them some gold coins (chocolate) to make up for it. This tradition was totally new to me ... my son's school gets full credit for the great idea!!! I had no idea leprechauns were mischief-makers!

    Both kids LOVED it. It will definitely be a tradition in our house from now on. And it took 10 minutes to set up? Another 10 to vacuum all that glitter up ... totally worth it, especially when I heard my daughter running outside this AM to tell our neighbor all about the leprechaun that visited our house. To hear it coming from her ... the wonder and excitement in her voice ... it made my day!!

    I am digging your schedule. Totally stealing that idea .... :o)

  11. Love that green milk! I also love the new look around here. I have missed seeing you around.

  12. I would always be looking at what I should be doing and then berating myself for not doing it.
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  13. Connie, that is just too cute... I love the green in the toilet bowl idea!
    You mentioned in a previous post that you wanted your kids to have memories of their childhood of you doing everything to make it wonderful, as I said before, there is NO DOUBT that they will have the BEST memories of their childhood and of you. YOU ROCK!!

  14. How awesome- I wish I had seen this before St. Patrick's Day!!!!! Have to remember this for next year!

    Also- love your schedule- loved the "Blog/FB/Twitter" time!!!



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