Thursday, March 11, 2010

Connie of WalMart

Several months ago, I made a football bet with my dear friend Jessica that the Denver Broncos would beat The Colts. The bet was the loser of this bet had to go to WalMart in a crappy outfit, take a picture and post it on facebook.

Last night...I settled our bet. The sad thing is that this was my actual outfit and we didn't have to add anything. I looked this bad yesterday. In my defense...TOM is here and I've been working super hard on my daughter's birthday extravaganza.

Oh...and can you believe that WalMart was completely out of poster board? I was so upset!  And Bobbi, had way too much fun snapping this picture. 


  1. I love this! That's a totally hilarious bet.

  2. Hey at least those 2sizes2big pants don't fit, right?

    The good thing is that Walmart is the one place you can go looking like hell and you'll still likely be the best looking/dressed person in there. So don't feel too bad ;-)

  3. Have you seen the website "The People of Walmart?" You look like a supermodel right now compared to what you normally see in that God-forsaken place!!!

  4. AH' Connie this is to funny... I LOVE IT! thanks for the chuckle! JGG

  5. Ha! Honestly, Connie, you look fabulous compared to the hideous outfits most Wal-mart shoppers are parading :)

  6. Are you kidding? You look great compared to real Walmart shoppers. Go you'll be shocked!

  7. oops.. I mean

    Sorry - but not much difference at least around here.

  8. Ha! So funny, Connie. But NO WHERE NEAR as horrible as the people look on the peopleofwalmart site.

    Can you say "'nt"


  9. This is you intentionally looking bad? You should see me right now...;)

  10. The tinkerbell headband totally makes the outfit!

  11. Better than the pants being two sizes too small. LOLOLOLOL

    And I'm pretty sure I've looked worse than this going to Walmart.

  12. That is such a great bet but I too look like that most days :) Although the food stain would be spit up instead and the dog hair would be my own hair (I shed like a dog) :)

  13. I love that you and your friends make bets like this! Brilliant!

    Although check out this "lady" .... at least your friends didn't make ya dress up like her. :o) I have no doubt she was heading into Wal-Mart.

  14. Connie - outfit aside - you are looking GOOD lady!!!!

  15. Yeah I would so go to Walmart like that and think nothing of it

  16. We love it :)

    So, funny story. I went to Wal-mart for the first time in years on Sat. I need a new bathing suit (that fits) for my water aerobics class.

    Anyway, as it turns out, our walmart doesn't have a maternity section AND they didn't have any bathing suits in stock yet!


    Anyway, then I remembered that Hubs told me that suits were on sale at Target.

    Unfortunately, i wasn't dressed appropriately for Target! i was dressed all in black, everything was ill-fitting...I just couldn't bring myself to go to Target looking like that!

    So, I went straight home (well, thats not entirely true. I ran through the McDs drive thru and picked up a chocolate shake first).

    Thanks for doing this :)

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  18. But your boobs look great! And in the end... that is all that matters baby!

  19. What a great bet... I love the photo! I totally agree with Liz @ Sugarplum Creations you look SO much better than most of the shoppers that are usually there!
    I was at Walmart yesterday and I WISH I had my camera to post some on - you wouldn't even make the "b-roll" on that site!! :-)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!