Monday, March 1, 2010

Bring on the Fabulous!

You all know that I love everything about positive thinking and making my life better.  I think this little blog, which started out as a way for me to update my family on our lives here in Utah has become a place of therapy for myself and a way for me to journal my journey to make my life and my kids' lives the best ever.  I'm so thrilled that I've made some wonderful friends along the way....friends that have the same goals and troubles that I do.

I started following  a gal named Kadi on twitter a few weeks ago because I kept seeing her twitter handle showing up in my stream.  And then I saw her super cute picture and I decided I wanted to know more about her and what she was talking about.  She's been tweeting about positivity and being a change maker and you know I couldn't resist.  Kadi is launching a new site called Girly Gazette and she's all about lifting women up.  Here is a quote from the site that explains it beter than I can.
Girly Gazette is a sassy eZine, chalk full of  of fun, fashion, social media, lifestyle, motherhood, shopping, celebs and so much more! It is a little bit naughty and a little bit nice for a good reason. We are all created uniquely and not all of us fit the Suzie Homemaker mold, so why force it? We at Girly Gazette celebrate our saucy ways and share our love of all things girly because we know we cannot be the only ones out there who’d rather shop for shoes than scrapbook. So pour yourself a martini and hang out with us for awhile! Don’t worry, we won’t bite…much. *wink*

All week I will be blogging each day's challenge.  This will be a great way for me to further my journey to making positive changes in my life that will benefit my family and make me a better mom, wife and friend.   And on Friday....I'm going to share something that has inspired me so much and will have a special giveaway!  If you want to be a change maker in your own life, then go here and see what the daily challenges are and join me.

Today...Kadi wants to know  What makes you feel fabulous?

I really talk a big game about Mom's taking care of themselves and having down time so that they can recharge their batteries and do their jobs better.  We all NEED this time.  The problem is that I don't always take this time because I feel guilty for making my husband take care of the kids while I run away from home take some time for myself and get some peace and quiet. 
When I do get over my Mommy Guilt and announce to my husband that I need a break...the things that make me feel fabulous are: 

  • Going to the Movies.
  • Drinks with my girlfriends.
  • Shopping with Calvin's credit cards.
  • Massage at a spa.
  • Weekend trip to a blogging conference.
  • Writing in my journal at Starbucks.
  • Date night with my husband.

But it's also all about the little things that bring me joy and make me feel so much better:
  • Freshly polished finger and toe nails.
  • First cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Drinking a Martini with my husband after the kids go to bed.
  • Reading a book in bed.
  • Bubble Baths
  • Listening to my favorite song.
  • Buying new makeup
  • Reading blogs that inspire me. 
  • Cooking a favorite meal. 
  • Losing weight! 

Lastly, there are the things that just happen that make me smile from the inside out: 
  • Listening to my children play and laugh together.
  • Play date with my friends and watching our kids play together.
  • A passionate kiss from my husband.
  • Sharing a big belly laugh with my sister.
  • Watching my mother in law read to my daughter.
  • Hearing my son tell me about a crazy dream he had.
  • Seeing my children proud of something they've learned or done. 
  • A sweet message or card from a friend that was thinking about me. 

Mostly, the feeling of happiness that I get from being home with my family doing regular everyday things like baking muffins, coloring and glueing paper, sewing a quilt, cleaning my house, playing with the kids and watching movies with my husband.  Making a home and being a family.  The contentment of being the person that I always wanted to be and living the life I always dreamed of.  These are the things that make me feel fabulous.

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned ~ Maya Angelou


  1. I will have to check out this Girly Gazette! Since you are the Twitter Queen and I don't Twitter I get to find out about all this cool stuff from you!!! :-)

  2. Ooohhh, sounds like an awesome site! I will go there immediately! I really need to learn to think positive. .. .it's funny because I would consider myself and optimist, but I often sabotage myself with pessimistic thinking. . . .

  3. i WILL HAVE to check out the site!

    You have a great list of things that make you feel fab. Mommy time is a must! thanks for letting us learn more about you. Have a great day! JGG

  4. I think this gal is on to something big!

    And it makes me so very excited!

  5. I'll have to stop by and see this site today. And new makeup makes me feel good, too. It's a little thrill, lol.

  6. Good lists! I'll have to check our Kadi too, she sounds great! I have to think more positively about certain things. Or I will.go.mad.

  7. Oh how fun, I can't wait to check her out! :) I love new makeup too {and freshly painted nails . . . and, well, all of the above!}

  8. I love this! It's a happy post! I will check out your friend's site too.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliments. Love your post - so many great ways to feel fabulous and truly blessed!

  10. What a fabulous idea! I have to agree with the freshly painted nails, as well as the quiet time at Starbucks. I LOVE those moments. Hmm...maybe I need to give myself a pedicure tonight.

  11. I love your list of fabulousness!

    I am going to try to blog all the challenges as well. I need more structure in my writing!

  12. That is a really cute picture. I'll have to go check out that site.

  13. Great list - I am going to go check her out too! :)

  14. Amen to all of those things!
    (Although I start drinking BEFORE the kids go to bed...)

    (Is that bad?)

  15. I love your lists... There are definitely things on it that make me happy, like the passionate kiss from the hubby and the laughter of children is the best sound on earth! I also agree that the face of a child who has just accomplished something (i.e. tying his shoe) all on his own is pure and utter joy.
    Thanks for sharing this.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!